The lights are out now at Blawg Review. From 2005 to 2012, this “blog carnival” offered up more-or-less weekly round-ups of the best and most interesting legal blog posts. But even as Blawg Review was fading away, another source came along to provide regular highlights of what is worth reading among legal blogs.

That source is BlawgWorld, the free weekly e-newsletter that describes itself as “your guide to what’s new and noteworthy on the legal Web.” Every Monday, the editors of BlawgWorld deliver an email with links to notable posts covering legal technology, law office management and law firm marketing.

Each issue also highlights a “pick of the week,” and I am proud to say that a post of mine was this week’s pick.

BlawgWorld is published by TechnoLawyer, the company that produces a series of nine free newsletters covering legal technology, law office management and marketing, and litigation technology and techniques. All the TechnoLawyer newsletters are free, but you need to register in order to receive them.

Registration also gets you access to a library of research reports covering topics such as legal billing software and document management systems. TechnoLawyer also maintains an archive of articles dating back to 1997. Access to the archive requires a paid subscription; however, registered users can earn points that they can use to purchase access by contributing articles to TechnoLawyer newsletters.

I follow a lot of blogs through my RSS readers. But there is no way to keep up with everything lawyers are writing. BlawgWorld helps you see what you are missing.

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  • Thanks for the tip! I’m a little skeptical about the value of Blawg’s information (no such thing as a free lunch, plus you get what you pay for), but perhaps worth a try…

    They could probably come up with a more professional name, too.

    • Dallas Family Lawyer

      BlawgWorld (and all of Technolayer email services) are not a free lunch, they are win-win.

      When you register you win by regularly receiving relevant promotional information; Technolawyer wins because it makes money from very directed marketing.

      Robert Ambrogi
      I am intrigued. What came first, the Blog of Week, or winning the Blog of the Week?