2014-03-01 Rocket Matter GIS 1

As you begin to type a search, matching results are shown.

The cloud-based practice management platform Rocket Matter this week announced what it called “a complete overhaul” of its search functionality. Dubbed “Galactic Interdimensional Search,” it is Rocket Matter’s first major upgrade of its search feature since the product’s launch six years ago.

With a name like that, it had better be pretty good. I can’t say, because I have not yet tried it. Here is how Rocket Matter describes the new functionality:

From any screen in the Rocket Matter application, users can locate any matter, contact, client, tag, or billable activity in the entire system, allowing for tremendous speed in finding case information. In addition, a new advanced search page allows users to build and save custom queries across those same entities, as well as custom data fields. Additional filter criteria is context-sensitive and available depending on the item searched. For example, billable items can be searched by type and date range, and matters can be queried by status.

A video showing the new search features can be seen here.

2014-03-01 Rocket Matter GIS 2

The advanced search page provides more search options.

On Feb. 21, Rocket Matter celebrated the sixth anniversary of its launch. (If you’re curious about such things, see my post last year, Who Was First, Rocket Matter or Clio?)

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