In a post here two months ago, I wrote about recent developments involving LegalZoom in South Carolina and North Carolina, where legal actions had sought to shut down the company as engaged in the unauthorized practice of law. Those were just two of a string of state lawsuits seeking to bar the company from engaging in unauthorized practice. But with a major victory in the South Carolina suit and having fended off all but one of the other suits, LegalZoom has no plans to go away.

To the contrary, the company has plans to significantly broaden the range of services it offers consumers and small businesses.

In the August issue of the ABA Journal magazine, I have an article looking at what is in store for LegalZoom: Latest Legal Victory Has LegalZoom Poised for Growth. I talk to several ethicists who say it’s time to stop focusing on the unauthorized practice issue and instead worry about how best to regulate such companies in a way that best serves consumers.