I reported here yesterday that the MyCase practice management platform had added foldering to its document management capabilities. As it turns out, another practice management platform, LexisNexis Firm Manager, also rolled out foldering yesterday.

Firm Manager now allows users to create folders and subfolders and to move folders from one folder to another. Once created, folders can be attached to specific matters or contacts within Firm Manager. Once a folder is attached to a matter or contact, documents added to that folder will automatically be associated with that matter or contact. A folder can later be detached from a matter or contact.

Uploaded documents can be edited directly within Firm Manager through Microsoft Office.

  • Hi Robert!

    Thanks for sharing really amazing features about Firm Manager. This appears to be a complete package for a lawyer and even a law firm employing many lawyers. Loved the folder creation part, the way it can be attached to contacts or specific matters, this would make it very simple for admin to keep track of every case and document.

  • The folder management features of MyCase and LexisNexis Firm Manager are interesting additions, but from our experience what many of these legal case management and practice management software packages lack is true analytical functionality. At Redbrick we focus more on providing our clients with business-critical information to help them identify which areas of their business are the most profitable. MyCase in particular does look very slick though, and the way it handles directories is certainly an interesting one.

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