The cloud-based practice management application MyCase has added a foldering feature to make it easier for its users to manage their documents, it announced today.

The feature allows users to create folders within their cases and use the folders to organize their documents. The folders are in addition to the document-tagging system MyCase already had in place.

To create a folder, a MyCase would open the case details page for a particular case, then click the Documents tab. They will now see a “New Folder” button there that they can click to create a new folder. For now, folders can go only one level deep.

Once a folder is created, the user can select one or more documents to move there. When the user clicks the Move button, a window will open asking the user to select the appropriate folder.

Disclosure: MyCase is an advertiser on this blog.

  • Roy Locke

    Thanks for sharing this Bob.

    Very simple and easy to use, great for solo and basic needs. Only complaint is that you can only create a single folder hierarchy. You can’t create a folder within a folder which is essential for us and doesn’t accommodate our goal of no longer using Dropbox. Close, but no cigar.

  • Roy–thanks for kind words and for the feedback. We’ve now rolled out the ability to add sub-folders, so you should be all set!

    And, thanks, Bob, for sharing the news of our newest feature.

    Niki Black
    Legal Technology Evangelist | MyCase

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