Join me this Thursday, March 19, as I moderate this free one-hour webinar, New Windows into Law Using Big Data Analytics.

The webinar will look at some of the practical implications of embracing Big Data in a modern practice and at how Big Data tools can be used in legal research and litigation. Specifically, we will look at Ravel Law and PacerPro, two tools that are providing new ways of looking at case law and case information.

Ravel — which I wrote about in an ABA Journal article about “visual law” — uses visualization and analytics technology to move beyond basic research and reveal different perspectives on the law. PacerPro, which I also reviewed in the ABA Journal, helps you better access, organize and analyze the billion documents hosted in the federal courts’ PACER system.

Speakers for the webinar will be Daniel Lewis, co-founder and CEO of Ravel, and Gavin McGrane, CEO and founder of PacerPro.

The webinar is at 2 p.m. Eastern time on March 19. To register, visit the registration page.