Firm Manager, the cloud-based practice management platform from LexisNexis, today is announcing the addition of batch invoicing.

The new feature uses a “wizard” to guide attorneys through the process of creating a batch of invoices, according to the announcement.

This enables a law firm to establish a regular billing cycle to prepare all their invoices for email or mail distribution in just a few clicks. The wizard provides a set of options so attorneys can choose how they want to bill clients. For example, a firm can bill for all legal services performed by a specific attorney, or by date, a range of dates, or by total amount due.

The batch-invoicing feature also allows law firms to customize invoice templates, such as to include a standard message across all bills, the announcement says. It also provides the means to write a custom note for specific clients and includes options for applying discounts or marking a bill “no charge.”

Capabilities already existing in Firm Manager automatically deduct and make a record of any draw from a trust account. Users can set a bill due date immediately or along a range from seven to 60 days.

Below are screen shots showing the batch-invoicing process.





As I’ve noted before here, I serve on an advisory board that provided LexisNexis with feedback on the development of Firm Manager. I receive no compensation for my participation but have been reimbursed for travel to board meetings.