3000Just noticed that I recently published my 3,000th post to this blog. Given that I started this blog in 2002, that averages out to 231 posts a year.

Compared to a prolific blogging machine such as Howard Bashman or even a consistent two-posts-a-day blogger such as Scott Greenfield, that is a relatively paltry output.

But given that there are generally about 250 working days in a year, that indicates that I haven’t slacked off too much.

  • Congratulations Robert! A great accomplishment. I also blog for my firm as well as writing a political blog and I know how difficult it can sometimes be.

    Keep up the great work.


  • Gayle O’Connor

    Congratulations Bob. What a great accomplishment. I love reading your blog and will continue to do so as you move toward your next milestone. Fantastic job if I may say so. And I think I just did.

  • Michael Roffer

    Congrats, Bob! As in baseball, getting to 3,000 is quite an achievement (not to mention milestone!).


  • Gretchen DeSutter

    It takes time and dedication to write well, and perhaps even more time when you strive to write at a high standard of objective, journalistic blogging as you have. Congratulations on hitting 3000 and thank you for setting high journalistic standards, holding us to the fire at times and taking time to tell good stories! We appreciate your commitment to the legal industry.


  • Kudos! Mind-blowing to me. I have 85 posts and it seems like a lot of output, and is a lot of work. I literally can’t imagine 3,000.