Sometimes, algorithms work better when they’re combined with a human touch. That is the idea behind Priori Legal, a “curated marketplace” that strives to connect business owners with vetted lawyers at transparent prices. Founded by two Yale Law graduates, Priori screens every lawyer it admits to its roster and requires the lawyers to maintain a 95 percent client-approval rating.

“They’re not a pure technology play, and that’s good,” says one lawyer on Priori’s roster. “While the practice of law is being disrupted across the board, there are still many things that require human intervention.”

Read my full report on Priori in the current issue of the ABA Journal.

  • Sounds like an awesome innovation! It’s amazing what technology is allowing us to do – and the fact that this mixes technology with a human touch definitely makes it all the better. Thanks for sharing!

  • This sounds like a legal referral agency to me. I didn’t think it was possible to operate a profit-making legal referral agency that was not bar approved. The personal service connecting clients to lawyers seems to make this into a legal referral agency. Generally legal referral agencies must be bar-approved. Consumers pay a fee to bar-sponsored legal legal referral agencies, similar to apriori, so what’s the difference?

    What is it?

  • Yes, I agree with R. Granat — sounds like another website like Thumbtack if you ask me. I am also curious about your thoughts on the 100 Best Lawyers types of websites — these business models have are very aggressive marketing campaigns and in the end, aren’t they only referral websites or they are just collecting money from the attorneys to be listed on their website?