Patrick Palace discusses Washington’s LLLT program.

The Legal Talk Network folks were on site at the recent Clio Cloud Conference, where they recorded a series of interviews with the speakers. The interviews are now all posted as part of the LTN’s ongoing series of Special Reports.

I conducted two of the interviews, one (together with the LTN’s Laurence Colletti) of Clio founder and CEO Jack Newton in which he discusses his concept of effortless services, which I described in more detail in my post-mortem post about the conference, and the other about Washington state’s limited license legal technician program with Patrick Palace, former president of the Washington State Bar Association. I’ve written about the LLLT program for the ABA Journal and The Washington Post.

The LTN posted 15 interviews from the conference, some with individual speakers and some with entire panels. Among some of the others interviewed were:

These and more can be found at the Legal Talk Network.