This week will start what I view as an experiment for this blog – accepting sponsored posts. The first one will run tomorrow. Before it does, I wanted to provide some background.

What is a sponsored post?

It is a form of advertising. An advertiser pays money to publish a post on my blog. The advertiser writes the post and is responsible for its content.

How will I know when a post is sponsored?

Sponsored posts will be labeled as such. The word “Sponsored” will appear in the headline and as the post author.

How often will sponsored posts appear?

No more than once a week. I have no idea how many of these will be sold, so it could be far less frequently.

Will you be involved in writing or editing sponsored posts?

No. These will be written by the advertisers. I reserve the right to refuse any post based on content I consider inappropriate. I also reserve the right to edit solely to conform to this blog’s style and technical requirements.

What will sponsored posts be about?

That is up to the advertiser. My hope is that they will adhere to the mission of this blog, which is to inform and educate readers about the use of technology, the web and social media in law and legal practice.

Experience suggests that, for sponsored posts to be effective, they should not be “hard sell” advertisements for a product or company, but should be written to inform, educate, enlighten or challenge readers.

How does a company buy a sponsored post?

Advertising for this blog is sold through the Above the Law network. For rates and information, send an email to or

Why have you decided to accept sponsored posts?

So that I can continue to devote the time to this blog that it requires. Writing this blog takes a lot of time – trying out new products, sitting through product demonstrations and tracking a range of news sources. All of that is time away from income-producing work.

What does this mean for readers?

First and foremost, it means that I will be able to continue bringing you news and reviews of products and services related to your work as legal professionals. In addition, I hope that the sponsored posts also prove informative and helpful and make you aware of products and services you can use.

Will this compromise your impartiality?

No. If you’ve read this blog for any length of time or if you know me personally, you know that I will say what I think. I’ve had advertising on this blog for several years and I’ve never held back because of it. This is simply another form of advertising.

Part of what swayed me to accept sponsored posts was my recognition that a growing number of legitimate and objective blogs and news sites are accepting sponsored posts.

Do you really want to know what I think?

I really do. Feel free to comment below or send me an email at

  • I subscribe to your blog with email notices of new posts. Am I going to get spammed with sponsored posts with little to no connection to what you regularly post?

    • Bob Ambrogi

      There will be no more than one sponsored post per week and I doubt there will be even that many. They will be included in the email updates.

  • FreddieKrueger

    I can’t speak for others but I am used to seeing sponsored posts on other blogs. You nailed — hard sells cause quick deletes; informative posts are much more likely to get read. Your decision certainly won’t affect my subscribing via my RSS of choice.
    Fred Kruck

    • Bob Ambrogi

      Thanks for your feedback. I’m glad to hear it won’t affect your subscribing.

    • I second Fred’s comments. Thank you, Jeff.

  • Jobst Elster

    While sponsored posts/advertorials and ‘pay to play’ content come with the publishing/blog territory, calling a spade and spade and trusting your readers instinct and intelligence when it comes to separating ‘gold from pyrite’ is not commonplace. For that I applaud you … pretty sure I have never seen an advertising FAQ like this. Thanks for that. Jobst

    • Bob Ambrogi

      Maybe it was overkill but I didn’t want any of my readers wondering about it. I’ve had a lot of people who’ve been loyal readers for a long time.

  • Jon Anders

    I have twice attempted to request information via the link for “Lawyerist advertising network” provided in your post. After submitting, I continue to see only the whirlygig and no information is received. Would you kindly forward info to me at: jon(dot)anders(at)quaerolex(dot)net

    Thank you!

  • Bob, thank you for offering the option of “sponsored post”. I see added value in having a community of contributors. Kudos. Our team will be happy work on ways to help enrich your blog. Will be in-touch.