Below is the presentation I gave last week at Above the Law’s Academy for Private Practice in Philadelphia.

  • This is a helpful discussion of law practice management system selection. Thank you.
    Jeffrey A. Franklin, Esq.
    Principal Consultant
    BrightLine Tech Solutions, LLC
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    • Bob Ambrogi

      Thanks Jeffrey.

  • This should be titled “Choosing a Cloud-Based Law Practice Management System”..

    Not that cloud-based is inherently bad and should never be used by anybody, of course. I simply have made the choice to avoid using the cloud for practice management for several valid reasons. And, no, none are “technophobe” related. I suspect I am not alone. Of course, there are plenty who have made the opposite decision – that’s completely valid, too. But the title here is a little misleading, given the content of your slides. Give us non-cloud folks some love : )