Debuting today is a new cloud-based case management platform called that promises to enable attorneys to work collaboratively on litigation, exchange information, manage their time and billing, create invoices and monitor their ongoing tasks, all within the platform.

The platform offers a unique twist on pricing. Rather than charge a monthly subscription fee like other practice management platforms, it charges by the case — 99 cents per active case per month for the standard plan, which includes 1GB per case file storage, and a $1.99 for unlimited file storage. It also offers a free plan that is limited to 20 active matters and 5GB total file storage.

It launches today with a $5 million investment on top of $500,000 in seed money, all raised from angel investors and bootstrapping. It identifies its primary competitors as Clio, Rocket Matter and “LexisNexis Law Firm Management,” by which I assume it means LexisNexis Firm Manager.


I have not tried or even seen a demonstration of this new platform. A press release says:

Our main goal is to improve efficiency, increase billables, reduce operational costs, and maximize profits for your practice, whether you are a solo practitioner, midsize or large practice, or even the legal department of a company.

The platform allows users to easily control workflow, and includes standardized templates and reporting forms to speed up your work process. Plus, it automatically updates and reflects any new information issued by government departments and agencies.

The press release says that the platform uses a private cloud security design that ensures HIPPA compliance and provides 256-bit military grade encryption of data, both in storage and in transmission.

The platform includes court rules, calendering, form templates, billing and invoicing, all at no additional cost. was co-founded by Bahar Ansari, an immigration lawyer in Irvine, Calif. According to the press release, she started the company out of frustration over the lack of an affordable and intuitive system that would fit her small practice.

  • Allen King

    With these new services offering products at reduced prices, Higher fees products may be forced to reduce pricing, specially user based pricing. pricing is similar to CaseFox pricing and apparently all these products seem to have similar features. I personally had hard time selecting one after checking a few. It was difficult to ascertain why one was charging way more for the same features than others.

    • Bob Ambrogi

      The pricing can vary quite a bit from service to service. And I pointed out in post at Above the Law, the “rack rate” isn’t always the full rate you’ll pay if you want certain features:

      • Allen King

        That is true.

    • Bahar Ansari

      Hi everyone. I am Bahar Ansari, the co-Founder of I appreciate your time and interest in our product. I wanted to take a minute to assure you that our pricing includes ALL our features for UNLIMITED USERS. There are NO HIDDEN OR ADDITIONAL FEES!

      There is No Installation fee, Setup Fee, or customization fee (We offer full customization). There is no contract; you simply pay per usage every month. All features offered by Case.One are included in the price. The price difference is for additional storage per case only.

      Our program was designed with the needs of attorneys in mind. Feel free to contact me personally and I will be more than happy to discuss our program and features in more detail.

      • Bob Ambrogi

        Thank you Bahar. And congratulations on your launch.

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