In advance of Legaltech New York, which starts tomorrow, LexisNexis today announced a new integration of Lexis Search Advantage and Lexis Practice Advisor.

Lexis Search Advantage is an application that allows a law firm or legal department to conduct a search across all its internal work product and content and LexisNexis content simultaneously. Lexis Practice Advisor is a product that provides expert content, forms and checklists across a variety of practice areas.

The integration means that a search using Search Advantage can now include results from Practice Advisor, making it easier for users to find both their own organization’s resources on a topic as well as the expert resources from others that can be found in Practice Advisor.

In addition to adding the ability to search Lexis Practice Advisor, the integration adds new filters to Search Advantage to enable search results to be filtered to just Practice Advisor results.

The integration will be available on an opt-in basis to LexisNexis customers that have subscriptions to both products.