Next week is the annual Legaltech conference in New York. But in case you haven’t heard, there’s a big change this year. Legaltech has expanded into something called Legalweek, The Experience.

Rather than just legal technology, the conference will include what ALM is calling seven “events-within-an-event,” each with a distinct focus: LegalExecutive, LegalCIO, LegalPros, LegalMarketing, LegalSmallFirm and LegalWomensForum, in addition to the anchor of Legaltech.

So what’s this all about? On this episode of Law Technology Now, my cohost Monica Bay and I interview John Stuttard, senior vice president of Global Events at ALM, who discusses why ALM expanded Legaltech and what attendees should expect to see there.

We’re also joined by Nicholas Bruch, senior analyst at ALM Legal Intelligence, who is part of Legalweek’s opening program on the state of the legal industry. He discusses trends in the industry and offers a preview of how the conference will address them.

Listen using the player above or at the Legal Talk Network.