A series of short posts rounding up product announcements from last week’s ABA Techshow

The practice management platform Smokeball released AutoTime, a feature that the company says will revolutionize how small law firms record their time and that will allow them to gain a better understanding of their profitability on a per-matter basis.

Smokeball users spend much of their workdays within the application, creating documents, sending and reading emails, performing tasks, and tracking meetings and court appearances. AutoTime tracks all of a user’s activity and completes a timesheet for each timekeeper each day.

While there are other software programs that can passively record time, AutoTime differs in that it knows the correct matter with which to associate the activity and it then automatically creates the time entry.

AutoTime includes a Profitability Tracker that provides firms with business intelligence about the time, cost and profitability of their matters. The tracker provides data on activities by the matter, by the timekeeper and by the client.

“We’re releasing firms from the monotony and often impossibility of tracking all their time and activity while allowing them to really understand how much time they’re spending versus what they’re billing on every matter,” Jane Oxley, president of Smokeball, said in a statement announcing the new feature.

  • avon

    I wonder if this tracker is, or can be, linked in any way to time&billing software.
    In other words, must one really choose between knowing “how much time they’re spending versus what they’re billing”? Wouldn’t one need to know both?
    And, if they do co-exist or actively link, how can they manage discrepancies between what time an attorney knows/decides to bill and what time they actually worked?
    (I do realize there may be an elementary answer to this question, but I’m at the elementary level here!)

    • Eunbin Rii

      Hi Avon,
      Smokeball’s AutoTime feature can capture the amount of time you spend on your activities (such as time editing a document, sending emails, and attending events) and allows you to adjust your billing for the activities you want to bill. All of your activities are captured by Smokeball and you will be able to edit what you want billed to the client. Also with AutoTime, we are able to tell you the profitability of your matters based on the time you spend on the matter, as well as the time you bill on the matter.

      If you would like to learn more about AutoTime, we have a webinar coming up on Wednesday, April 12 at 2:00 PM CST. Here is a link to register: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2790313502692556546

      • avon

        The article didn’t mention “billing” at all, and now I see in this case it goes without saying.