Last year, Florida became the first state to mandate technology CLE for lawyers. In an order that also adopted the duty of technology competence, the Supreme Court of Florida revised its minimum CLE requirements to add three hours every three years in approved technology programs.

To my knowledge, no other state has followed suit and required that lawyers have training in technology. But should tech training be required? I consider this question in my column this week at Above the Law: This Week In Legal Tech: Should Tech Training For Lawyers Be Mandatory?


  • Edd Welsh

    Technology is building up steam and maybe a “perfect storm” in on the horizon. Like everything else, lawyers can hire the “expertise” and some of the experts are lawyers. If there are mandatory training topics, the field of “social media” should be at or near the top of the list for the senior attorneys.

  • Vinay Singh

    I think there are lots of lawyers who are doing well with minimum use of technology but there are definitely some nice emerging technical platforms which have made life easier for the lawyers. So I would say they should be encouraged to take up the technology rather than being forced.