I’ve written on this blog about Tali, a productivity assistant that allows lawyers and other professionals to track time using voice commands through the Amazon Echo or other Alexa-enabled device, and also about Workspace Assistant, a tool from Thomson Reuters Elite that similarly allows lawyers to perform time management functions via Alexa-enabled devices.

Now comes another Alexa integration for lawyers. Today, the practice management application Case.one announced its new integration with Amazon’s Alexa.

The integration enables lawyers to make entries and call up information within Case.one’s practice management application. The functionality includes the ability to enter billing details, authorize users, find a case by name, add and search tasks, add and search events, and add and search notes, all using Alexa voice commands.

“Our team listened to our user base, who told us they wanted a more convenient and practical data entry system,” Bahar Ansari, cofounder, and CEO, said in a statement announcing the integration. “Alexa has quickly become the go-to for voice commands, and our clients are raving about the new capabilities within their practice management software.”