I had the great pleasure to be a guest last week on the final episode of This Week in Law, the video podcast that Denise Howell has hosted for 12 years, most recently with cohosts Stefan Szpajda and Matt Curtis. If you missed the live broadcast, the recording is now available to view.

This week’s episode, Odious Buffoons (no doubt a reference to the guest), was the show’s last. We rounded up a variety of topics in the news: including remix culture copyright, strangers may be watching your Ring video, location data up for sale to bounty hunters, social media rules for politicians, Apple trolling CES, consumer advocacy groups’ warning on kids’ apps on Google Play, lessons to learn from COPPA, the “F Word” in the Supreme Court, and my list of the 20 Most Important Legal Tech Developments for 2018.

Watch it at the link above or right here.