In October 2018, I recorded a series of 18 interviews with solo and small firm lawyers about how they use technology in their practices. For an introduction to the series, see this post. A special thanks to the Law Firm 500 conference for hosting us to record these videos, and to Ben Ambrogi for the videography and editing.

Lawyers attending the conference volunteered to be interviewed. The videos were completely unscripted and I knew virtually nothing about the lawyer before we turned on the cameras.

In this second episode in the series, I speak with John Walker of Walker Law PC in Houston, Texas. John is a solo business law attorney who founded his own firm six years ago. As he looks to add more lawyers to his firm, he describes how he transitioned to a virtual desktop to more easily accommodate remote and flexible employment options.

Among the products he talks about in this episode are Airtable database, Amazon Workspaces, Author (process mapping software), Clio for practice management, M-Files document management, Microsoft Office 365, MileIQ mileage tracker, QuickBooks, and reMarkable tablet.