This Video Conferencing App Is Purpose-Built for Lawyers, and It’s Free


For most of us as we’ve hunkered down in recent weeks, Zoom has become our default application for video conferencing. But while Zoom is fine for generic business meetings and virtual cocktail parties, it is not designed for the specific needs — or specific security concerns — of legal professionals.

For lawyers, there is a…

Legaler Raises $1.5M To Build Blockchain To Help Bridge Justice Gap


The Australian legal technology company Legaler has raised $1.5 million to be used to help build a proprietary blockchain aimed at bridging the global gap in access to justice.

Legaler’s blockchain will provide the infrastructure and developer tools for legal services providers to build their own secure and scalable decentralized applications, the company says.…

Legal Advice Via Video Chat: 'Legaler' To Preview at Techshow


An Australian company called Legaler will be at ABA Techshow this week previewing its cloud platform that will enable lawyers to provide legal advice and consultations via video chat through a feature called LiveAdvice. The platform will also serve as a client portal for lawyer-client messaging, document sharing and scheduling.