Lex Machina Adds Analytics for ADA Cases


The legal analytics platform Lex Machina, which is owned by LexisNexis, has added a module for litigation involving claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as claims under related state laws. 

The collection consists of more than 90,000 cases involving violations of Titles II, III and V of the ADA, as well as…

Lexis+ Gets Litigation Analytics for Data-Based Insights on Courts, Judges and Counsel


LexisNexis has enhanced its Lexis+ premium legal research platform with the addition of litigation analytics, which provide data-driven insights into judges, courts, attorneys and law firms, in both federal and state courts.

LexisNexis officially launched Lexis+ last September, positioning it as a higher-end alternative to its existing Lexis Advance research platform (now renamed…

LexisNexis Releases Unique ‘Crowdsourced’ Resource for Commercial Leases


LexisNexis today launched a unique “crowdsourced” solution to a problem faced by lawyers who negotiate commercial leases, which is the lack of data on market standards and trends to aid them in lease negotiations.

Because commercial leases are typically private, lawyers are unable to get a broad view of the terms and standards used in…