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I wrote yesterday about the launch of Attorney IO, a new brief-analysis product in the vein of CARA from Casetext, Clerk from Judicata, and EVA from ROSS Intelligence. Turns out there is yet another. India-based legal tech startup Casemine launched the brief-analysis product CaseIQ 1.5 years ago for India law, and recently debuted a variant for U.S. law. It plans also […]

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Casetext was clearly on to something with its CARA brief-analysis software. Not only did the American Association of Law Libraries name it 2017 product of the year, but it also spawned other brief-analysis products — Clerk from Judicata (reviewed here) and, just last month, EVA from […]

With the Global Legal Hackathon — the world’s largest-ever coordinated hackathon — less than two days away, organizers have issued a set of “Hadfield Challenges” urging participants to address one of 10 “problems worth solving” in the realms of access to justice, administration of justice, and consumer rights. Gillian Hadfield The challenges are named for […]

The Australia-based company Legaler, which markets a secure online videochat platform for lawyers, announced today that it will create a cryptocurrency for the legal industry that will be used for transactions between lawyers and clients and by lawyers to purchase features and services within the Legaler ecosystem. In addition, Legaler said it will create a […]

A special networking event on the opening night of ABA Techshow in Chicago will focus on “getting women a seat at the table.” Sponsored by Above the Law and Evolve Law, it is called the 10/20/30 Networking Event, reflecting the troubling fact that women make up only 10% of corporate board members, 20% of law firm […]

Disagreement over recent changes to a program designed to provide public access to federal court documents has developed into a feud of sorts between two advocates for free and open access to government information – and implicated in it is a cast of characters that includes the man who created the original version of Facebook, […]

Practice management is a crowded area of legal technology, especially in the smaller-firm market. No wonder, given that the majority of lawyers in private practice are in solo and small firms. Even as practice management technology has become more popular in recent years, much of that market remains untapped. One company that is aggressively working […]

In recent years, so-called venture studios have become increasingly popular vehicles for launching startups. The idea is to not only provide venture funding to a startup, but to actually play a role in creating and launching new businesses. Now, CuroLegal, a company that designs and develops technology for the legal industry, has launched CuroStudio, a […]

Two weeks after announcing her departure as assistant general counsel at Microsoft, Lucy Bassli has joined LawGeex, the artificial-intelligence contract review company, as chief legal strategist. “LawGeex exemplifies what I hope to see more of in the legal tech space — an honest approach to sales, product development, and service delivery,” Bassli explained in a […]

In 2008, a scandal rocked New York’s process-serving industry. An investigation by New York City’s Department of Consumer Affairs of the high default rate in consumer credit cases found that disreputable process-serving companies were never actually serving process, but instead effectively tossing the papers in the sewer and filing false affidavits of service. The “sewer […]

The Global Legal Hackathon, which takes place Feb. 23-25 in more than 40 cities around the world, has put out a call for legal technology companies to participate. The hackathon is inviting all legal technology companies, no matter how large or small, to participate by providing their technology, developer tools, training, and documentation to hackathon teams and participants, […]