Needless to say, the legal research market has long been dominated by Westlaw and LexisNexis. Even as any number of other legal research platforms have come along, what has continued to distinguish the big two are their libraries of secondary legal materials. While it is relatively easy for a smaller legal research company to provide […]

Current and planned use of AI Corporate counsel generally consider themselves to be open to using new technologies in their legal departments, except when it comes to artificial intelligence technology. When it comes to AI, corporate counsel are largely uninterested or uninformed. These are among the findings of a just-published survey conducted by Thomson Reuters, […]

Here is a great opportunity for innovative legal technology startups to gain exposure. For the second year, ABA TECHSHOW is hosting a special Startup Alley in its exhibition hall and an opening night startup pitch competition judged by conference attendees. And we’ve just kicked off the competition to win one of the 15 Startup Alley […]

The UK company Elexirr (which rebranded in July from LawBot) has thrown down the gauntlet, challenging lawyers to a competition to determine whether its bot can better predict case outcomes than can they. They are calling it the Elexirr Lawyer Challenge and they describe it as the first event in history to directly pit machines […]


An attorney charging $250 an hour will bill nearly $47,000 more this year, on average, by using an integrated technology solution across all functions – from practice management to research to billing – than if they use standalone platforms for each.

A brief before and after using Cloud Linking. The legal research company Fastcase is introducing a new feature today, Cloud Linking, that automatically converts case citations in legal documents into hyperlinks to the full-text cases. Cloud Linking is notable because the links it creates are public and free — anyone can follow them regardless of […]

Recently, the tech-enabled legal services company Axiom announced its first AI offering, AxiomAI. Paul Carr, president of global strategic projects at Axiom, believes this technology and AI in general could be transformative for the legal industry. In the latest episode of Law Technology Now, I have a conversation with Carr about how Axiom will be using AI […]

The legal research platform Judicata will soon roll out a powerful tool that uses statistical insights to provide detailed analysis and grading of the strengths, weaknesses, thoroughness and drafting of briefs. Judicata founder Itai Gurari describes the new tool, called Clerk, as moneyball for motions. “Just as different batters have different on-base percentages, different motions […]

Led by CEO Jack Newton, Clio staff celebrate the wrap of the fifth Clio Cloud Conference. What makes a legal technology conference great? I’ve been thinking a lot about this since leaving the fifth Clio Cloud Conference earlier this week. I’ve attended all five and uniformly praised each one. After the 2014 conference, I called it one […]

At the Clio Cloud Conference in New Orleans on Monday, I sat down with Clio cofounder and CEO Jack Newton to discuss the announcements he made during his opening keynote. We talk about Clio’s ground-up reengineering and redesign of its practice management platform, Clio’s new goals and directions as it starts its second decade, the […]

Bloomberg Law today rolled out to its subscribers new tool, Points of Law, that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help legal researchers quickly find language critical to a court’s reasoning and to support their legal arguments. As a researcher scrolls through a court opinion, Points of Law highlights the essential language in the […]