As law firms begin to reopen offices, a committee of Massachusetts’ highest court today issued a statement recommending that they permanently adopt flexible working options as their standard, rather than as the exception.

Maintaining flexibility in individual working arrangements serves the dual purposes of enhancing lawyer well-being while also advancing diversity, equity and inclusion, the

A feature launched this week in Westlaw Edge is designed to help legal professionals more easily identify law that is contrary o their opponents’ arguments.

Called Quick Check Contrary Authority Identification, the feature helps find cases that may be helpful in arguing against an opponent’s filing and prioritizes them in search results, according to an

There is an element of serendipity in the story of Nehal Madhani and his company Alt Legal. Even though he had been an insolvency lawyer who had never practiced trademark law, an early attempt at entrepreneurship — and at registering his own trademarks — showed him the need for better software to automate

The practice management platform PracticePanther today introduced native e-signatures, enabling law firms to send and obtain signatures on documents from directly within the platform, a feature that could both save time for users and streamline tasks such as client intake.

The feature is available free to subscribers to PracticePanther’s Business Plan and requires no