They say you can’t go home again, but Matt Spiegel came back to legal technology after selling the first company he founded, MyCase, and then moving to other verticals. Earlier this year, Spiegel launched his second legal technology startup, Lawmatics, a cloud-based platform designed to automate legal marketing, CRM and client intake.

A partnership announced today between judge-analytics company Gavelytics and remote court appearance company CourtCall will allow lawyers who are scheduled to appear before a judge via CourtCall to obtain analytics on the judge from Gavelytics that will provide insights about the judge’s patterns and propensities in decision-making.

The partnership will also help drive Gavelytics’ expansion

Here’s an idea: What if there was a way to promote access to justice while having fun at the same time? That is the idea of a unique project launching today that uses a game to train a machine-learning algorithm. The algorithm ultimately will be used to better match those in need of legal help