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Adobe yesterday introduced a scanner app for mobile devices that includes optical character recognition, so you can edit documents after you scan them. It also introduced notable updates to Adobe, including cross-device signature capture. The scanner app, Adobe Scan, is free and available for iOS and Android devices. Regular readers of this blog may remember […]

asian woman hand holding tablet and using tablet in coffee shop with vintage toned. Last June, this blog reported on plans by Adobe and other industry groups, working through a group called the Cloud Signature Consortium, to build an open standard for cloud-based digital signatures across mobile and the web, enabling anyone to digitally sign […]

Adobe is today releasing a new scanning tool built into its free Acrobat Reader app for iOS and Android mobile devices that lawyers should find useful for scanning documents, receipts, business cards and other paper. If you already have the Adobe Reader app, the scanning tool will be available as soon as you update it. […]

Adobe released an update last week to its Acrobat DC PDF software that significantly enhances a tool often used by legal professionals, Compare Documents, and that updates its Certificates tool to make it easier to digitally sign, certify and verify documents with a certificate ID. (See my original review of Acrobat DC.) The enhanced Compare […]

Thanks to Brexit, there’s been no shortage of news about the European Union of late. What you may not have heard, however, is that an EU regulation is taking effect July 1 that aims to expand the use and reliability of electronic signatures, particularly within the EU. One of the purposes of the eIDAS regulation […]

I recently reported that Adobe would be rolling out Box and OneDrive integrations for Acrobat DC on the desktop. As of yesterday, those integrations are live. From the Home tab within Acrobat DC, click Add Account to add a Box or OneDrive account. You may have to download the latest version of DC to see this option, […]

It’s been a year since Adobe introduced its all-new Acrobat DC version of its popular PDF software, which came packaged and tightly integrated with another new offering, Adobe Document Cloud. (See my review here.) Today, to mark that one-year anniversary, Adobe announced several enhancements to Acrobat DC and Document Cloud. Adobe Sign mobile app. New […]

You can now authorize Adobe Acrobat to access your PDFs on Dropbox. Open, edit and save Dropbox files within Acrobat. Last May, in a post here, I reviewed the new Adobe Acrobat DC, the all-new version of the popular PDF software. (I also have a more extensive review in Law Practice magazine.) The “DC” in […]

Adobe’s legal department is striking a blow against legalese today. It is releasing to the legal community at large the style guide it developed to help its own inhouse staff write legal documents in plain English and avoid legalese. Adobe GC Mike Dillon Adobe is releasing The Adobe Legal Department Style Guide (embedded below) under a […]

I reported here last month that Adobe had officially launched an all-new version of its Acrobat PDF software, Acrobat DC. In the weeks since, I have been able to try it out and I am impressed with what I have seen. Its usability and interface are dramatic improvements over prior versions of Acrobat. It includes new […]

I wrote last week about Adobe’s impending release of an all new version of its Acrobat PDF software, Acrobat DC, and of the broader Adobe Document Cloud with which Acrobat DC will be tightly integrated. Yesterday, the new products officially launched. Here’s the announcement: Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the availability of its newest cloud offering, […]