Last November, global legal services provider Integreon announced its acquisition of the cloud-based litigation management platform Allegory, a company founded in 2012 by former Gibson Dunn litigator Alma Asay. As I reported at the time, Asay and Integreon CEO Bob Rowe told me that one of their goals was to develop a true end-to-end solution for litigators and in-house legal departments.

Today, Integreon announced a major milestone in that development — an evidence-management dashboard for Allegory users that will allow inside and outside counsel to work collaboratively within a single platform that gives them the ability to analyze all case information for a single matter or across matters.

The dashboard is intended to address the need for corporate counsel to keep informed about the multiple cases their company is involved in and the multiple outside law firms working on those cases, as well as all the evidence, pleadings and work product used in those cases.

According to Integreon, the new Allegory dashboard includes a Key Events overview and Tasks and Deadlines module to provide insight into the day-to-day activity within a case for the entire litigation team. The design was based on feedback from corporate counsel and law firms about what functionalities they need most, Integreon said.

“This is just the first step toward a completely new user interface that, at a high level, ensures we are keeping up with what’s important to clients,” said Asay, who is now chief innovation officer at Integreon. “When we started designing the new dashboard, our core mission was to alleviate the miscommunications that can happen during litigation. In-house counsel can now log in and can see what’s happening across their cases at any time.”

Through the dashboard, for example, users can see how many depositions took place in the last week, what the most analyzed document is in a given case, and other day-to-day tasks and functions that are typically difficult for corporate counsel to track. Integreon analogizes the dashboard to a customer relationship management platform, in that it will allow inside and outside counsel to remain aligned on tasks and deadlines.

“Integreon’s technology and process facilitate both collaboration and context,” said Rowe. “Without that, you are driving up your costs, you are looking at things in a vacuum and acting on assumptions that could be invalid.”

Global legal services provider Integreon yesterday announced its acquisition of the cloud-based litigation management platform Allegory, a company founded in 2012 by former Gibson Dunn litigator Alma Asay. Asay is joining Integreon as chief innovation officer, legal solutions, and all of her Allegory team is moving to Integreon.

Alma Asay

With the acquisition, Asay and Integreon CEO Bob Rowe told me during an interview this morning, they plan to offer a true end-to-end solution for litigators and in-house legal departments, as well as to build out a broader blending of technology and human resources in ways that will be disruptive in the legal industry.

Many vendors claim to provide end-to-end products for litigation, Rowe said, but this acquisition will enable integration in a true end-to-end fashion, from e-discovery straight through to litigation management, and including not just document discovery, but also depositions, pleadings, witness statements, interrogatories and requests for admission, court rulings, and everything else related to a case.

The acquisition will also benefit in-house legal departments, Rowe and Asay said, giving them greater access to the day-to-day aspects of all their litigation matters and enabling in-house and outside counsel to work together on cases more closely.

In recent years, Asay pointed out, corporate counsel have sought greater control over their e-discovery matters, both to manage costs and to be more involved. As they’ve begun to get e-discovery under control, they’ve turned to other aspects of litigation. One obstacle they’ve faced is that many law firms’ litigation management tools are behind the firewall and inaccessible to in-house.

“Litigation teams more and more need a cloud-based solution where outside counsel, inside counsel and everyone on the litigation team can all build their case together,” Asay said.

Bob Rowe

Allegory will soon release a new dashboard specifically designed for corporate counsel to oversee their matters, part of an upgrade to Allegory’s user interface that will be rolled out within the next couple of months.

In the e-discovery services it provides, Integreon primarily uses the Relativity document-review platform. Allegory had already built an API that allowed documents to be moved from Relativity into Allegory with the click of a button. A number of other APIs are now in the works to facilitate integration with not only other e-discovery platforms, but also document management systems such as iManage and other litigation-related platforms.

The eventual goal is for Integreon to have a platform that is the hub of a variety of integrations to allow complete management of litigation matters from a central platform.

This acquisition, Rowe said, is just one step in what will be a series of moves by Integreon to shake up the legal industry.

“We’re excited to really try to be disruptive in the industry in a way that blends technology and human resources,” Rowe said. “You can expect to hear a lot from us going forward on a regular basis.”

The ABA Journal profiled Asay earlier this year as a Legal Rebel. As the profile notes, she has developed a reputation as a couch surfer, having no permanent home address and staying with friends and family as she worked to build her startup.

I asked her today if now she’ll get an apartment. She did not give me a clear yes or no, but laughed and said that part of the reason she felt Integreon was a good fit for her was that she doesn’t have to work out of any particular office and that it is as nimble a company as Allegory was.

The litigation management platform Allegory today announced a new suite of features designed to enable litigation teams to better manage transcripts and leverage deposition testimony.

Allegory users can now navigate synced deposition video, customize and export designations, review testimony inline, and automatically link transcripts and exhibits across the case simply by dropping in court reporter files, according to today’s announcement.

“Transcript management is a hot topic among litigation teams and practice management groups of late and this new functionality not only replaces, but drastically improves upon, legacy server-based tools like LiveNote and TextMap,” Alma Asay, Allegory’s founder and CEO, told me in an email. “We worked with many top-tier law firms to solicit feedback and user stories in order to build out these new features, and the whole team is excited to show them off.”

I have not seen Allegory’s new transcript tools, but I hope to catch up with Asay at next week’s ILTA conference for a demonstration.

Allegory’s announcement includes a quote from someone who has previewed the new features, Janelle Belling, managing director of the E-Discovery Services & Strategy practice at Perkins Coie. “These are the transcript tools our teams need to keep up with the increasing scope of litigation and to effectively work as a team to make the most of key testimony across the case,” she is quoted as saying.

Allegory is a collaborative litigation-management platform for managing all a firm’s cases and all related evidence, filings, transcripts, witnesses and notes. Asay, the company founder, was formerly a litigator at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP.

Several prominent veterans of legal technology are among the leaders in a $500,000-plus round of funding in Allegory, the cloud-based litigation-management startup founded last year by Alma Asay, a former Gibson Dunn litigator.

The lead investor is Bob Rowe, formerly executive vice president at Huron Legal, which was acquired by Consilio for $112 million in 2015. Rowe is also joining Allegory’s board of directors.

Other investors in this round include David Perla, former president of Bloomberg Law and a founder of Pangea3; Sanjay Kamlani, also a founder of Pangea3; Mike Suchsland, former president of legal business at Thomson Reuters; Jeroen Plink, former CEO of Practical Law Company US; Karen Pordum, CEO and owner of Synergy Legal Staffing; and Robert Hill, founder of Synergy Legal Staffing. Toronto-based Epstein Enterprises also invested.

Allegory previously raised $1 million and since then has relied primarily on revenue to support its business, according to Asay, who is its CEO. It saw 30 percent growth in revenue last year and more than doubled in size.

Last year, Asay was named by the ABA’s Legal Technology Resource Center as one of 10 Women of Legal Tech 2016 and one of the Fastcase 50 honoring legal industry innovators and visionaries.

If you’d like to learn more about Allegory and Asay, check out this interview I recorded with her last November for my Law Technology Now podcast.