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In response to various competitions and rankings of the best legal blogs, the Avvo Blog has created an auto-updating list of the top 300 legal blogs, ordered by their traffic rankings as shown by Web information company Alexa. Because the list is regularly updated, the rankings vary. At the moment, this blog, LawSites, is ranked […]

The Boston personal-injury law firm Breakstone, White & Gluck has launched Massachusetts Injury Lawyer Blog. The founding partners of this firm, Marc L. Breakstone and David W. White, are highly regarded trial lawyers in the state with an impressive record of verdicts and settlements (not to mention long-time friends of mine). White is a former […]

The Defense Research Institute, the organization that is to the civil-defense bar what the American Association for Justice is to the plaintiffs’ bar, recently launched a blog, For the Defense, as an adjunct to the organization’s magazine of the same name. I learned about the blog through a comment added to a post of mine […]

Every year, the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau approves more than 100,000 labels for beer, wine and spirts, according to Robert C. Lehrman, founder of the law firm Lehrman Beverage Law in Oakton, Va. “In these approvals you can see the bursting efflorescence of the American (and the world) economy,” he writes. […]

A newly launched blog is the first I’ve seen to focus on the topic of furniture law. The Womble Carlyle Furniture Law Blog comes from the Intellectual Property Group at the law firm of Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice in Winston-Salem, N.C. The blog will focus on IP and patent issues that affect the furniture […]

Jurors do it. Litigants do it. But when happens when experts do it? The “it” in question is blogging, and the issue is what impact it may have on a trial. While I’ve seen several articles dealing with jurors blogging or litigants blogging, I had not seen any about experts blogging — until now. I […]

Here are some of the new legal blogs that I have come across recently: Lean and Mean Litigation Blog, from complex-litigation specialist Steward Weltman. The Masters Conference Blog, from the e-discovery training company. Wag the Dog, from the Strategic Communications Team at the law firm Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, “explores the often unavoidable intersection […]

Legendary Wyoming trial lawyer Gerry Spence is now also on the road to becoming a legendary blogger. Earlier this month, he launched Gerry Spence’s Blog, explaining in an introductory post that he has done a “miserably inadequate” job of using the Internet to share his thoughts and lessons. “I have learned things about our broken […]

The online magazine Slate launched a legal blog this week, Convictions, that will provide commentary from a range of legal professionals, including Slate’s Jurisprudence columnists Dahlia Lithwick and Emily Bazelon as well as practitioners and law professors from across the country. “By launching a law blog, we’re able to post immediate reactions to legal cases […]

Thanks to Laura Orr at Oregon Legal Research for including this blog in a pair of thoughtful posts on the art and practice of blogging for lawyers: Blogging for Lawyers and Blawgers as (real) Writers. In the first post, she covers the fundamentals of getting started in blogging. In the second, she considers the discipline […]

A new blog focuses on break-ups between businesses, particularly in New York. Called New York Business Divorce, it is written by Peter A. Mahler, a partner in the Manhattan office of the firm Farrell Fritz. The blog provides information for lawyers and others on dissolution and other disputes among owners of corporations, LLCs and partnerships.