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Practice management is a crowded area of legal technology, especially in the smaller-firm market. No wonder, given that the majority of lawyers in private practice are in solo and small firms. Even as practice management technology has become more popular in recent years, much of that market remains untapped. One company that is aggressively working […]

At Legalweek in New York, I sat down with Bahar Ansari, founder and CEO of practice management company, to learn more about the company and discuss several features announced at the show, including Alexa integration, a chatbot for client intake, document assembly, and AI-powered file search.

I’ve written on this blog about Tali, a productivity assistant that allows lawyers and other professionals to track time using voice commands through the Amazon Echo or other Alexa-enabled device, and also about Workspace Assistant, a tool from Thomson Reuters Elite that similarly allows lawyers to perform time management functions via Alexa-enabled devices. Now comes another Alexa integration for lawyers. Today, […]

Well, this is enterprising of them. Following my report earlier this week that LexisNexis Firm Manager will go dark on Oct. 31, another practice management company announced that it will offer free subscriptions to Firm Manager’s customers. says it will provide a free subscription for a period equivalent to the remainder of the Firm Manager […]