Practice management is a crowded area of legal technology, especially in the smaller-firm market. No wonder, given that the majority of lawyers in private practice are in solo and small firms. Even as practice management technology has become more popular in recent years, much of that market remains untapped.

One company that is aggressively working to make inroads on that market is Launched just a year ago, it distinguished itself out of the gate by offering a different twist on pricing. While other practice management products charge a monthly subscription fee, charges by the case — 99 cents per active case per month. (It does also have a $35-a-month subscription plan that is more economical for firms with more than 35 cases.)

At the recent Legalweek conference in New York, sought to further distinguish itself, announcing a series of four products and enhancements.

I already wrote about one of these —’s integration with Amazon Alexa. I’ve written previously about two other applications that allow lawyers to track their time using Alexa — the “productivity assistant” Tali and Workspace Assistant from Thomson Reuters Elite. But is the first to offer an Alexa app that works across its full platform, allowing users to perform a variety of functions using voice commands.

In addition, announced three new products, each of which can be purchased on a standalone basis but that also can integrate with the platform or, potentially, with other practice management platforms. Recently, Bahar Ansari, cofounder and CEO of, gave me a preview of these new products.

The first of these,, is a chatbot builder. A standalone product, it allows law firms to create custom chatbots to automate client intake and prepare standard documents based on their answers. The product can be used to build a chatbot for virtually any purpose. The chatbots can be integrated into a firm’s website or with other applications via an open API (application programming interface).

The chatbot is fully customizable, allowing a firm to build any tree of questions, conditions and messages. The interface shows the chatbot builder on the left and preview on the right. The chatbot can create different conditions based on answers received, so that a particular answer sends the user in one direction or another.

The second new product,, is a standalone document assembly engine that also can be integrated into and other applications, says that this product makes it easy to either create a document-assembly template or to convert an existing Word or PDF document into a template. creates question-and-answer templates that are filled in by answering sets of questions and that can pull in information from CRM systems and other applications.

The final new product,, is a document and knowledge management application that says can search, manage and synchronize files across multiple systems and locations — local, cloud and network. It improves search by allowing users to combine any set of parameters or attributes to find and filter documents, and uses machine learning to improve search results over time. It includes unlimited storage space and various collaboration tools to enable users to work on documents together.

As with its practice management platform, offers both unit and monthly pricing for and It is currently offering early-bird pricing for all three of these products. For, pricing starts at either $2 per completed questionnaire per month or $79 per month for up to 50 completed questionnaires. For, pricing starts at 15 cents per document per month or $15 per month for up to 100 documents.

For, monthly charges are based on storage, starting at $28 per gigabyte.

I’ve written on this blog about Tali, a productivity assistant that allows lawyers and other professionals to track time using voice commands through the Amazon Echo or other Alexa-enabled device, and also about Workspace Assistant, a tool from Thomson Reuters Elite that similarly allows lawyers to perform time management functions via Alexa-enabled devices.

Now comes another Alexa integration for lawyers. Today, the practice management application announced its new integration with Amazon’s Alexa.

The integration enables lawyers to make entries and call up information within’s practice management application. The functionality includes the ability to enter billing details, authorize users, find a case by name, add and search tasks, add and search events, and add and search notes, all using Alexa voice commands.

“Our team listened to our user base, who told us they wanted a more convenient and practical data entry system,” Bahar Ansari, cofounder, and CEO, said in a statement announcing the integration. “Alexa has quickly become the go-to for voice commands, and our clients are raving about the new capabilities within their practice management software.”

Well, this is enterprising of them.

Following my report earlier this week that LexisNexis Firm Manager will go dark on Oct. 31, another practice management company announced that it will offer free subscriptions to Firm Manager’s customers. says it will provide a free subscription for a period equivalent to the remainder of the Firm Manager customer’s contract term, up to a maximum of one year. During this introductory period, clients will not be charged anything, including no costs for data storage, onboarding, data migration, customization or training. offers 24/7 customer support to assist with the transition.

“Firm Manager’s departure from the market is unsettling news for its customers,” said Bahar Ansari, cofounder of “We strongly believe that a law firm’s operation cannot pause due to a vendor’s decision to focus on other products. Our goal is to help those firms transition smoothly to a cloud solution with as little disruption as possible, while keeping their client data securely protected.” is a fairly new practice management platform that debuted in January. As I wrote at the time, it offers a twist on the typical pricing model. Rather than charge a monthly subscription fee, it charges by the case — 99 cents per active case per month for the standard plan, which includes 1GB per case file storage. It also offers a free plan that is limited to 20 active matters and 5GB total file storage.

As noted in my post about Firm Manager shutting down, LexisNexis is also offering its customers one-year free licenses to either of its other practice management platforms, Time Matters and PCLaw.