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The practice management platform CosmoLex has been approved by the Law Society of Alberta as a software vendor for its Electronic Trust Transaction Reporting Program. The approval means that the Law Society has certified CosmoLex as compatible and in compliance with its requirements for uploading trust transaction data. The Law Society requires law firms to […]

Before-and-after views show the navigation panel moved to the left. CosmoLex, a cloud-based practice management platform, today rolled out its version 5.0, featuring a new user interface and several new features, including custom fields, document templates and data mining. It also revealed that it is shifting its focus slightly, away from solo lawyers and towards […]

Canadian lawyers can enable settings specific to their province. Because Canadian lawyers are subject to strict and unique accounting, taxation and reporting requirements, cloud-based practice management systems designed for U.S. lawyers often are not good fits for them. For this reason, the majority of Canadian firms that have practice management software use on-premises systems, with […]

CosmoLex, the cloud-based practice-management platform, today announced the release of a new credit card processing feature, CosmoPay, that eliminates the need to pay a separate subscription for credit card processing services through LawPay. Now, any CosmoLex subscriber who opens a new LawPay account within CosmoLex will have the monthly LawPay fee covered by CosmoLex for […]

Now you can add bills for accounts payable within CosmoLex. CosmoLex today released an update to its cloud-based practice management platform that adds a new module for managing a law firm’s accounts payable. While some desktop practice management systems include accounts payable functions, this is the first cloud-based platform to add this, as far I […]

The bank feed is matched against transactions recorded in CosmoLex. In lieu of flowers or candy, CosmoLex is giving its customers something different for Valentine’s Day — automatic, direct bank data feeds. CosmoLex says it is the first law practice management product to provide this capability. As far as I can determine, it is correct […]

The practice management provider CosmoLex today is releasing Law Firm Accounting Demystified, an e-book intended to serve as a detailed guide for law firms to handling legal, trust and business transactions. The book is available for free online at or can be purchased as a downloadable e-book for $42.50. Written by Rick Kabra, CEO of CosmoLex, […]

With OneDrive integration enabled, users can now open documents directly in Office web apps. CosmoLex, the cloud practice management platform, is rolling out new features today that include two-way synchronization with Office 365 calendars, integration with OneDrive, document search, document version control, and new notifications through the client portal. Although CosmoLex already integrates with Box […]

Adding time passively captured in Chrometa to a CosmoLex matter. The practice management platform CosmoLex today announced its integration with the passive timekeeping system Chrometa. The advantage of this integration is that it helps attorneys ensure that they are capturing and billing as much of their time as possible. “Passive timekeeping” means that Chrometa tracks […]

Add user with bank-access restrictions Add user with report-access restrictions Unrestricted vs. restricted bank access. Unrestricted vs. restricted reports access. A new update to CosmoLex — the cloud-based law practice management platform — enables system administrators to more granularly control user access to a law firm’s financial information. CosmoLex already allowed administrators to set different […]

Global launch menu for common activities. In a major update scheduled to  be released today, the cloud practice management platform CosmoLex is rolling out a number of new features and enhancements, including a client portal with secure messaging, internal firm messaging, native document storage, a global launch location for commonly used functions, and more. On […]