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Only a third of lawyers use encryption when sending confidential or privileged documents to their clients. Instead, the great majority of lawyers rely on a confidentiality statement in the message body to protect the email’s privacy. According to the 2015 edition of the annual Legal Technology Survey Report, compiled by the American Bar Association’s Legal […]

The cloud-based document management service NetDocuments today announced the roll-out of an enhanced security architecture with stronger encryption technology and new capabilities for users to manage their own encryption keys. The new security architecture includes up to three separate encryption keys for each data file and allows firms and corporations that use NetDocuments to hold […]

At ABA Techshow next week, the file-sharing platform TitanFile will be demonstrating its new integration with Credeon, a highly secure, browser-based encryption technology developed by Hitachi Solutions America Ltd. The first such product targeted at the legal market, the integration allows secure sharing of files and other communications, with the user maintaining control of the […]

In my post last week, The 10 Most Important Legal Technology Developments of 2014, I said that email encryption is now a “must-have tool for lawyers.” Yet, as I’ve also noted here, only a minority of lawyers use encryption. Part of the reason for this, no doubt, is that encryption can be cumbersome. This, in […]

Last year, I posted my picks for the 10 most important legal technology developments of 2013. In many ways, this year’s big legal tech stories were continuations of last year’s. Last year, for example, I wrote about the cloud having come into its own, about competence in legal technology becoming a necessity, about mobile becoming […]

When drafting an email in Outlook, the Delivery Trust toolbar provides security options. Email encryption is one of those things lawyers talk about far more than they do. As I reported here recently, the 2014 ABA Legal Technology Survey Report found that only a quarter of law firms had any kind of email encryption available for […]

Nearly half of law firms were infected with viruses, spyware or malware last year, according to the latest ABA Legal Technology Survey Report. At the same time, only a quarter of law firms had any kind of email encryption available for their lawyers to use, the survey found. Also, 14% of law firms experienced a […]

Professional-strength PDF software is a must-have for lawyers, and the gold standard for PDF software has always been Adobe Acrobat Pro. But at Acrobat Pro’s current retail price of $449, many lawyers, especially in smaller firms, opt for more budget-friendly alternatives, such as CutePDF Professional, which I reviewed here several years ago. Now there is […]

Lawyers have an ethical obligation to protect the confidentiality and security of communications with their clients. The more we learn about NSA snooping, the more we realize what a challenge that can be. One option for secure communications is to skip the email and use the SMS messaging app Wickr, which is available for iOS […]

The ability to share documents securely is of utmost concern to lawyers. A new web service, docTrackr, not only allows you to share documents securely, it also enables you to track what happens to your documents and to retain control over them. You can even revoke access to a document after you’ve sent it. Consider […]

Last April, I wrote about Enlocked, an application that I described as making email encryption idiotically easy. Enlock is a plug-in you add to your email client — whether it is a desktop client such as Outlook or a webmail service such as Gmail. Once installed, encrypting an email is as easy as clicking a […]