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After reading today that FindLaw had launched a mobile version of its website, I decided to check it out. In the course of doing that, I discovered that FindLaw has no listing for me. I knew it once did, so I followed the link to edit my profile. Sure enough, it had a username for […]

FindLaw has added RSS feeds for case summaries from the Supreme Court, the federal circuit courts and state appellate courts in California, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, New York and Texas. It has also introduced practice-area feeds that provide case summaries for 16 practice areas, from bankruptcy to tax. The feeds provide summaries of the opinions and […]

Further to my recent posts about the controversy over reported link sales by FindLaw, the National Law Journal today has this story: Blogosphere Tries FindLaw for Link Sales. It includes a quote from me — although, as quotes tend to do, it oversimplifies what I was trying to say.

I had a lot of feedback to my Aug. 28 post, Is the FindLaw Story Getting Distorted? My main point then was that we needed more facts before jumping to conclusions. Since then, more facts have come out, and a particularly good overview of the situation was a piece yesterday by Dow Jones Newswires writer […]

The “scandal” making its way around the blogosphere over FindLaw’s allegedly selling text links in violation of Google’s policies is certainly worth discussing and debating. But I am concerned that the facts are being misconstrued in a way that is distorting what should be the focus of the debate. Some blogs portray FindLaw’s sales of […]