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This slideshow requires JavaScript. Last June, I reported on the plan by BYU Law School to launch LawX, a legal design lab in which second- and third-year law students would take on the ambitious goal of solving one access-to-justice challenge in a semester. Subsequently, in November, I wrote here about the opportunity I had to sit in on the lab. […]

From left around table: Erika Nash, LawX director Kimball Parker, Cami Schiel, Ryan Lewis, Tayler Tanner, Nick Hafen, John Iler, Alan Hickey (partly visible), Brock Foley and George Simons. Far right is industrial design professor Bryan Howell. Last summer, I reported on plans for LawX, a legal design lab that BYU Law School planned to […]

Kimball Parker and D. Gordon Smith This fall, BYU Law School in Provo, Utah, will launch an innovative design lab, called LawX, in which second- and third-year law students will step into the role of entrepreneur to design apps and other solutions to help address Utah’s critical gap in access to legal services Six-to-eight law students […]