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Lex Machina Adds Analytics For A New Area Of Law: Employment Litigation


The new employment module includes analytics showing case resolutions.

When LexisNexis acquired the legal analytics platform Lex Machina in November 2015, the plan was to use LexisNexis’s collection of federal and state docket data to expand Lex Machina’s analytics beyond its original area of intellectual property. Since then, it has been adding…

Lex Machina Expands Analytics from IP into Securities Law; Other Practice Areas to Follow Starting in September


Obtain breakdowns of case resolutions in securities matters.

In the first of its promised expansions into other practice areas following its acquisition last November by LexisNexis, Lex Machina today announced its addition of securities law to its legal analytics platform.

Until today, Lex Machina had focused exclusively on intellectual property. But…