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Of the nine candidates in Washington state who took the licensing exam to become the nation’s first-ever limited license legal technicians (LLLTs), seven passed and will now have their names submitted to the Supreme Court of Washington for the court to issue an order granting their admission to practice. This historic program seeks to help […]

The Supreme Court of Washington has approved revisions to the Rules of Professional Conduct governing lawyers in that state that allow lawyers and limited license legal technicians to form partnerships and share fees. To my knowledge, this makes Washington the first state to allow fee sharing and joint ownership of a law practice between a […]

I have been closely following the emerging issue of licensing non-lawyers to deliver legal services in limited circumstances. In the January 2015 ABA Journal, I had an article about Washington state’s limited license legal technician (LLLT) program, and last weekend I had an opinion piece in The Washington Post about the same topic. Gradually, other […]

Michelle Cummings will soon take the LLLT exam in Washington. In the January 2015 issue of the ABA Journal, I had an article about Washington state’s limited license legal technician (LLLT) program, which will formally license non-lawyers to deliver legal services in limited circumstances independently, without a lawyer’s supervision. The article also discussed New York’s […]

As I noted here recently, I have an article in the current issue of the ABA Journal about the use of non-lawyers to help close the access to justice gap by allowing them to provide legal advice in limited circumstances. A particular focus of the article is Washington state’s limited license legal technician (LLLT) program. The […]

Michelle Cummings is on track to be one of Washington’s first LLLTs. In March, Washington state’s first class of limited license legal technicians will sit for a licensing exam. Those who pass will be licensed by the state to provide legal advice and assistance to clients in domestic relations without the supervision of a lawyer. […]

The ABA Journal has added new features to its Web site and also has moved into the social networking sphere. New features announced this week are: Blawg search. The magazine has partnered with to create a search engine covering all of the 1,800-plus blogs listed in its directory. Access it by using the search […]

For an article I am writing, I am looking to hear from legal professionals about their experiences with LinkedIn. In particular, I would love to hear from anyone whose participation in LinkedIn brought them new business or opened doors to other beneficial opportunities. I also want to hear from any longtime users of LinkedIn who […]

A new podcast series of short videos portray the History of Animation in Court. The series is produced by the trial-graphics company Z-Axis Corporation and is less a history of animation than a history of the company’s role in animation. Nevertheless, the company has been involved in creating computer animations for several landmark cases, including […]