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The Future of PR


Peter Shankman, founder of The Geek Factory, on the future of public relations (as reported by Andrew Ratner at

The press release will die. Better yet, kill it. Instead, have your CEO write a blog. Transparency is good. Facebook will become ubiquitous. News tickers will be replaced by personal lifestreams.


New Service Helps Lawyers Navigate Rankings


According to the blog launched today, RankingsForLawyers, there are more than 700 different lists that rank lawyers in the United States. While any lawyer can name at least some of these lists — such as Best Lawyers and Super Lawyers — keeping track of all of them is an overwhelming task. That is the…

A ‘media room’ for smaller firms


Many large firm Web sites have “media rooms” — pages devoted to news releases, press contacts, factsheets, event listings, logos and other information useful to the news media. But what about the rest of us? A new Web service, MyMediaRoom, enables anyone — individuals and organizations — to add a media room to a…