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Modria, a pioneering company in the field of online dispute resolution, has been acquired by Tyler Technologies, a company that develops software products for local governments. Modria will become part of Tyler’s Courts and Justice Division, where Modria’s technology will be used to help courts more efficiently handle large volumes of disputes. Modria was founded […]

[Another in a series of mini-reports on what I saw at the annual LegalTech conference in New York this week.] Predictive analytics are all the rage in e-discovery, but here is a new product that uses artificial intelligence and deep data to predict the course of a negotiation, estimating when the parties are likely to […]

Can a lawyer who helped bring zip to electric cars do the same for online dispute resolution? Craig Harding, the former general counsel of Tesla Motors, now hopes to bring speed and style to ODR with the launch of an “online courtroom service” called ZipCourt. It will be a challenge. ODR has long struck me as […]

The seminal annual event in online dispute resolution, ODR Cyberweek, kicks off today and continues through Friday. This free-of-charge and entirely online event features an array of discussions, simulations, demonstrations and other activities related to ODR. It is sponsored by the National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution. Here is a program of events and […]

I am chairing a Massachusetts Bar Association panel next week, Online Dispute Resolution: How it Provides Increased Effectiveness, Efficiency and Quality. We will have two speakers who are leaders in this field: May-Britt Kollenhof-Bruning, cofounder of the Dutch online-mediation company Juripax. James F. Ring, founder of Appellex Bargaining Solutions and founding partner of the law […]

I have had several occasions recently to speak with Jeff Aresty, the Boston lawyer who is the founder and president of Although I had known about the organization, hearing what Jeff had to say has convinced me that could come to serve a central role in shaping the future of law and justice […]