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Last July, I reviewed PDF+, a PDF tool for trial lawyers from ExhibitView Solutions, a company that has developed several products for trial preparation and presentation. As I noted then, PDF+ is designed to be a more agile alternative to full-featured PDF programs such as Adobe Pro DC or Nuance Power PDF Advanced, providing just […]

Adobe released an update last week to its Acrobat DC PDF software that significantly enhances a tool often used by legal professionals, Compare Documents, and that updates its Certificates tool to make it easier to digitally sign, certify and verify documents with a certificate ID. (See my original review of Acrobat DC.) The enhanced Compare […]

I reported here last month that Adobe had officially launched an all-new version of its Acrobat PDF software, Acrobat DC. In the weeks since, I have been able to try it out and I am impressed with what I have seen. Its usability and interface are dramatic improvements over prior versions of Acrobat. It includes new […]