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A new podcast from the State Bar of Michigan, On Balance, covers a wide range of practice-management and wellness issues, all with a focus on how lawyers can effectively balance their personal and professional lives. Produced in conjunction with the Legal Talk Network, the series is designed to help lawyers find greater balance in their […]

Nothing like a second chance. I’d wanted to use the headline of this post for my column this week at Above the Law. But after realizing how overused was “golden age” in reference to podcasting, I went with: This Week In Legal Tech: Lawyers Learn To Love The Podcast. Yet it is a golden age […]

The good folks at the Legal Talk Network — who host my two podcasts — have launched two new podcasts worth your listening time. The newest, launched earlier this month, is Down the Hall with Practical Law. Presented by Thomson Reuters Practical Law, and hosted by Renee Karibi-Whyte, a director with the legal know-how group at […]

Here is a milestone that no other legal podcast has reached, that I know of: 10 years of Lawyer2Lawyer, our legal news and legal-affairs program. Our first show was posted on Aug. 31, 2005. Our guests way back then were Mike Greco, who had just taken office as president of the American Bar Association, and Erwin […]

Keep a necktie long enough and it will eventually come back into style. And so it is with podcasts — including legal podcasts. They were the next big thing. Then they weren’t. And now they are again. Or at least so it seems. Trust me on this. I’ve been there for the roller-coaster ride. My […]

This slideshow requires JavaScript. At the March 18 Converge conference sponsored by Above the Law, the Legal Talk Network recorded a series of podcasts featuring interviews with the speakers and with the ATL editors. I hosted several of the interviews and four of the ones I hosted are now posted. They are (follow the links […]

Colorado does a number of things very well. Mountains are one. Beer is another. Colorado has some 230 breweries and is home to more than 10 percent of the nation’s craft breweries. It makes a certain degree of sense, therefore, that when two Colorado lawyers decided to launch a podcast, they agreed to include craft beer on […]

Monica Bay, editor in chief of Law Technology News, invited me to be a guest on her Law Technology Now podcast this week. Our topic was a recap of legal technology trends we’ve seen on the trade-show circuit this year, primarily at the recent ABA Techshow and the earlier LegalTech New York. Listen here: 2013’s […]

A long time ago, I was the founding editor of Lawyers USA (when it was called Lawyers Weekly USA). I’ve had nothing to do with it for years, but I was interested to note that it launched a new podcast for lawyers yesterday. Called Lawyers in Practice, the podcast is described as discussing “the hot […]

Legal Current, a blog published by Thomson Reuters, today added a new feature, the Legal Current podcast. The podcast will feature “information and commentary on the global business and practice of law.” Today’s first episode covers several topics in the news — the Arizona immigration law, the Supreme Court’s animal cruelty ruling and the BP […]

On Friday, I posted Legal Podcasts for Your Holiday Travel at Legal Blog Watch, a round-up of law-related podcasts you might want to load onto to your favorite MP3 player before heading out on your holiday travel. Check out that list and add one more: any of the weekly podcasts on international dispute negotiation from […]