Derek Bluford, who was indicted by a federal grand jury in 2018 after his legal technology company shut down amid allegations of fraud, forgery and impersonating a lawyer, has resurfaced with a new self-published book in which he says he became an FBI informant assisting in a political corruption investigation into the former mayor of

[Update 3/15/17: As of this morning, LawTova’s two sites are back online, after being offline for at least a week. This development doesn’t invalidate the questions I raise below about LawTova’s connections to QuickLegal, another startup that shut down amid fraud allegations concerning its owner. If anything, this makes those questions all the more important.]

Yesterday I published a post about Derek Bluford, CEO and founder of QuickLegal, and his recent agreement to have a judgment of $559,330 entered against him to settle a lawsuit charging him with impersonating a lawyer, forging legal documents and fraudulently swindling two clients. Bluford had not returned my call to him before I published