Here are 23 additions to my list of legal startups. This brings the list to 691 entries. Send additions and updates to To read more about this list and why I created it, see this post.

Company Description Country Status
Autom Documents automation and assembly software that eliminates separate templates and allows to turn static document into dynamic one with the very efficient time. Dedicated mobile application allows to fill documents out of the office or get your customers involved. Additionally AUTOM supports job sharing, external sub-documents use with version control, local library, Google Docs and One Drive integration and more. US and Poland Active
Book-It Legal Book-It Legal provides a web platform connecting attorneys with law students across the country for per-project legal tasks, such as research, editing, document review, and writing articles. Our company gives attorneys a way to get quick assistance and reduce costs to clients while providing students a more convenient and flexible way to gain experience and earn income. US Active
Caliber Litigation Services Technology has completely changed the user experience of many traditional services — from catching a cab to renting a car. What if I told you that same opportunity existed to change the court reporting industry? We built a proprietary tech platform from the ground up to access thousands of court reporters for services — from video to real-time reporting, all at a lower cost than the current industry providers. US Active
Case Status Case Status allows clients to stay updated on the status of their cases without time-consuming phone calls or emails. US Active
Courtroom5 Civil case management tools and training for pro se litigants US Active
Digitory Legal Digitory Legal helps law firms and in-house legal departments easily and accurately predict, price and manage legal matters. Clients save money and promote accountability with precise legal budgets; automated accrual management features; and intuitive RFP tools. Law firms reduce overhead and increase profitability with time-saving project management solutions; task-level data; and clearly scoped, accurate budgets that will strengthen attorney-client relationships. US Active
DocEx Legal Do you know who opens the documents you email, how many times they were printed, or to whom they have were forwarded? DocEx protects and controls access to documents in-transit through a single, secure, easy-to-use, and cost-effective cloud-based solution. Perfect for any practice area where sensitive documents are shared with experts, co-counsel, clients, and others, DocEx users maintain full control while managing and tracking forwards, views, prints, downloads, and all other actions. US Active
Early Neutral Appraisals Predicting litigation outcomes by using at least 10 neutrals from the locality to evaluate cases and give their unbiased opinions on likely outcomes. US Active
Evichat Evichat is a tool for lawyers to collect authenticated evidence from their clients’ mobile devices and social media accounts in an eDiscovery lite platform built specifically for mobile data where it can then be redacted and/or exported. We can also produce time-stamped web page archives with all meta data. US Active
Gideon Legal Gideon is a fundamentally new way for law firms to connect, communicate with, and service clients, at scale. Gideon is an intelligent messaging platform that connects firms with their best leads, in real-time, from their website, directory profiles, and social media. Gideon learns a firm’s preferences on particular case types and to predict likely case outcomes, enabling them to deploy resources to optimum value. Built to fit existing workflows, Gideon integrates with case management software. US Active
LawDroid An automated, legal assistant chatbot that can answer frequently asked questions, describe law firm services, take appointments, qualify leads and help to run your office more smoothly. US Active
Lawyaw Lawyaw is an easy-to-use platform that enables lawyers to populate, edit, and sign Judicial Council and court forms. US Active
LegalSifter LegalSifter has a singular goal – to bring affordable legal services to the world by empowering people with artificial intelligence. LegalSifter (the product) allows people to negotiate with speed and confidence with the help of our Sifters and the advice of your leaders and lawyers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. US Active
Metaspike Forensic email preservation software for eDiscovery and digital forensics practitioners. US Active
Qualmet Qualmet is a cloud-based platform used by law departments to quickly and easily measure the value of external legal service providers. The company focuses on raising the business value created between in-house and outside counsel. Through performance metrics and objective benchmarking, the company and its namesake product create an industrywide common language. Released earlier this year, the platform has been adopted by legal departments from a wide range of industries. US Active
SavvySuit “Okay Google, talk to Florida Pro Bono Matters.” Go ahead, try it on your Android. Learn firsthand how SavvySuit is pushing the legal profession forward with the creation of conversational user interfaces. One such interface is a sophisticated pro bono catalog which allows attorneys to find pro bono cases with ease. This catalog provides case descriptions aggregated from over 30 organizations, including traditional legal aids and nation-wide programs like the ABA Military Pro Bono Project. US Active
Sheriasoft Cloud-based practice management platform for law firms in Kenya and East Africa. Kenya Active
SimplyAgree SimplyAgree is a signature and closing management tool for complex corporate transactions. Our web-based platform streamlines the administrative tasks of a closing — from automating signature packets to closing binders — so attorneys can focus on getting deals done and exceeding client expectations. SimplyAgree reduces these time-intensive closing processes from days to minutes, while providing the attorney with increased risk oversight and cost predictability. US Active
Social Evidence Social Evidence is a cloud-based application that quickly and accurately collects, organizes, and analyzes data from specific social media sites for named accounts and provides tools to assist the legal professional to easily search, find, and use relevant case-related information in a repeatable, admissible, and legally-defensible format. US Active
Time Miner Time Miner eliminates the hassle of manual, contemporaneous methods most attorneys use to keep track of billable time spent on their smartphones.  Automatic, with no timers to start and stop, Time Miner captures past calls and texts with clients, and produces a report on-demand that shows your billable activity in terms of client, date and time, duration, and dollar value based on your hourly rate. US Active
Track With Ease Get more done in your real estate law practice by eliminating and automating all the things that waste your time each day. US Active
Voluble Voluble collects and analyzes consumer posts from a broad range of online sources to generate insights specifically for litigation. Our proprietary tools and partnerships give us access to data from a comprehensive array of social media platforms, forums, e-commerce sites, and blogs. Our experienced litigation team transforms vast amounts of unstructured consumer chatter into relevant and reliable data that can be used by experts to support their opinions in affirmative or rebuttal reports. US Active
VortexLegal VortexLegal is the Expedia for legal services – a one-stop shop where you can search for, hire, rate and review legal service providers like court reporters, interpreters and translators, private investigators etc. There is no marketplace for legal service providers so we are providing a new way to procure these services that offers more transparency in pricing and allows small and medium sized operators to compete with national service providers. US Active

Here are 21 additions to my list of legal startups. This brings the list to 668 entries. Send additions and updates to To read more about this list and why I created it, see this post.

Company Description Country Status
Apperio Apperio makes law firm spend transparent for general counsel, empowering them to make decisions based on up-to-date data US Active
Bootstrap Legal Software that automates the drafting of complex legal paperwork for those raising capital for real estate projects of $2 million and under. US Active
CaseFleet CaseFleet is a powerful cloud based case management software that simultaneously streamlines litigation and business development workflows. The product is the first legal management solution that utilizes data visualization to organize all relevant case details, hone in on relevant information or trends and track key deadlines – helping lawyers win more cases. US Active
Case Status Case Status is an app that enables clients to view what is going on in their case in real-time.  It enables clients and attorneys to message each other through the app, it allows clients to refer their attorneys to others with a click of a button, and it allows clients to view the stages of their case so they know what to expect next.  Furthermore, it alleviates the communication gap between attorneys and clients, while saving attorneys hours of time each week talking to their clients (which is huge in the contingency fee space). US Active
Client Chat Live Live chat services for attorney websites US Active
ContractExperience ContractExperience helps businesses centralize contracts storage in a single online or on-premise repository, strengthen compliance, reduce legal risks, improve business relationships and performance, automate and accelerate the contract-management lifecycle and procurement process, and more. US Active
Docket Online platform for documentation and registrations. India Active
DoNotPay Bots to address various legal problems, including parking tickets and more. UK Active
Elexirr Chat bots to answer legal questions and algorithms to predict case outcomes. UK Active
LegalOptics Algorithmic grading of attorneys and judges based on real-world court data. Our attorney data portal offers granular  state-court level data analysis. US Active
Micro This service allows individuals and businesses to get answers to legal questions via email within 24 hours for a flat fee as low as $20. US Active
My Coverage Plan A series of products developed by a law firm to help health care providers connect patients to insurance resources and to educate various parties to identify, secure and optimize health care coverage. US Active
MyLegalAdvisor MyLegalAdviser is an online legal marketplace based in the UK making it easy for consumers and businesses to find a lawyer. Clients post a job on our site and within hours we match them with the best quotes from the hundreds of rated lawyers on our service. UK Active
Name Warden Automated trademark docketing and defensive monitoring, trademark business development data service US Active
Pagemap A secure online tool for faster review of contracts with unique search and collaboration tools, and automated warnings for integrity issues. New Zealand Active
PitBullTax This is an online software for tax resolution professionals, mainly Tax Attorneys, Enrolled Agents and Certified Public Accountants. In short, it allows the tax professional to organize, analyze, work and solve their clients’ tax debt situations efficiently, as it includes all the tools they need to do the job. In addition, the software can be enhanced with add-ons according to the professional’s needs. US Active
SavvyDox SavvyDox provides secure document distribution and collaboration aligning with the benefits of a face to face meeting. Reviewers provide suggested changes and author controls document content as well as distribution. SavvyDox includes the first viable replacement for Word Track Changes while using Word. Canada Active
Tali Productivity assistant that allows lawyers to track time using voice commands through Amazon Echo or other Alexa-enabled devices. US Active
UpSolve Automated pro bono Chapter 7 bankruptcy US Active
YoCierge YoCierge is a provider of technology and information security services for law firms. Offerings include business communication tools, record retrieval services and information security consulting. US Active
ZokuVault ZokuVault is a secure, online safety deposit box that allows users to organize, store and share important documents with their family members and trusted advisors. Stored items can include estate plans (wills, trusts, powers of attorney), financial information, insurance details, online accounts, final wishes and tax records. The platform is built so that  estate planning attorneys can provide a new service that adds value, guidance and billing opportunities with their clients, while giving family members an easier way to deal with the burdens that come with complicated estate management. US Active

Here are 16 additions to my list of legal startups. This brings the list to 647 entries. Send additions and updates to To read more about this list and why I created it, see this post.

Company Description Country
Apeer Apeer is an app for attorneys that quickly gets court appearances covered by well-qualified special appearance attorneys and provides tools to collaborate and communicate on the matter. US
Boundless Boundless is an immigration application that makes it easier for immigrants to the U.S. to complete paperwork. US provides advanced tools to keep control of all your legal proceedings – case management, customer management, document management, generation of performance reports, tasks, time management, billing, and more. Organize all of your legal work in a secure cloud. US
Citepad A virtual keyboard designed just for lawyers. US
Contract Tools A Microsoft Word add-in for contracts. US
CrowdJustice CrowdJustice is a crowdfunding platform specifically for legal cases that combines tech and community action to democratize the justice system. US
JustLegal JustLegal (formerly Lawbooth) enables clients to find attorneys and book a free initial consultation in under 60 seconds. Choose to meet in person, over the phone, or via Lawbooth’s secure video conferencing. US
Lexalgo We automate decision making by developing decision clusters, comparable to those of Neota Logic. Germany Legal research portal with case law, law dictionary, and law help center. US guides you through the divorce process and handles the details for you. US
SeRiouS A tool that maximizes law students’ learning by using a special algorithm that tells them just the right moment to study.  Users learn about 3x as much information in less time, and they can do it all from their iPhone. US
SupportHound SupportHound is a spousal support calculator that uses real cases to calculate how much and how long a spousal support award should be. (Only for Oregon.) US
TestMax A startup seeking to disrupt standardized education with a mobile-first approach. Currently, it focuses on the LSAT, law school and the bar exam. US
TrialLine TrialLine is a cloud-based mediation, trial presentation and story telling timeline tool for law firms that want maximum insight into their cases. US
Visabot A bot to assist with visa applications US
Voltaire Voltaire is the go-to service of choice for legal professionals everywhere, who need to instantly search for information on potential jurors and other individuals related to their cases. US

Here are 19 additions to my list of legal startups. This brings the list to 632 entries. Send additions and updates to To read more about this list and why I created it, see this post.


Company Description Country
Crusoe Crusoe is a note-taking Evernote app for researchers, writers, students, professionals, and thoughtful readers that not only lets you create two-way links between notes, but actually lets you navigate your notes along these connection-pathways.  In Crusoe, you can never lose your train of thought because that’s exactly what Crusoe saves. US
BinaDox Binadox helps you track and manage software license compliance and usage to avoid costly violations and optimize software costs and utilization efficiency. US
Dragon Law Cloud software for legal and business documents, enabling fast production of custom documentation Hong Kong
Intraspexion Intraspexion uses a Deep Learning algorithm to act as an early warning system, alerting corporate counsel to internal litigation risks in near real time. US
JuriBot Artificial intelligence application to predict criminal trial outcomes. Netherlands
Juro Turbocharge your sales paperwork. Create, sign and track beautiful contracts in a matter of seconds. UK
Justice Toolbox Website uses data mined from official state court records to compute and display how many cases a lawyer has won and lost and the lawyer’s approximate win rate US
Justly Standardize legal business operations. Our analytics make legal spend more predictable and legal budgets more accurate. US
LawTova Hire freelance legal professionals and also use its platform to manage cases. US
Legably Attorneys use Legably to find flexible employment, project-by-project and client-by-client. US is the easiest way for attorneys to provide virtual consultations online. Our service includes video calling, real-time document sharing and fee payment, and much more – all in a streamlined package delivered through your desktop web browser (and mobile apps coming soon). US
Legalinc We completely automated and streamlined the business formation process to help save you time and money. Entity Management, Registered Agent, and Compliance all accessible through one online dashboard. US
Lexikin Your assets, securely recorded. Keep track of everything important throughout your life and ensure those precious things are left to the people who matter. UK A web platform that allows any user (natural or legal person) to select a lawyer through a tender procedure. The user receives, free of charge, within three days, all anonymized flat-rate offers issued by registered lawyers. France  The single credible source for communities, corporate and government legal departments  to locate diverse lawyers. US
Patent Action Forecast Completely understand your patent dispute before you pay a settlement, hire an expensive lawyer or compromise your case. US
ReplyToSome A Microsoft Outlook Add-In designed to prevent lawyers and other professionals from accidentally emailing the wrong people. US
Statera Legal Provides virtual legal support services to law firms and legal practitioners in New Zealand. New Zealand
TagDox TagDox makes Document Analysis easy, precise and fast by optimizing the process through cutting edge machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. UK



Here are the latest additions to my list of legal startups. This brings the list to 614 entries. Send additions and updates to To read more about this list and why I created it, see this post.

Company Description Country
Aggregate Law Aggregate Law quickly and efficiently connects skilled project attorneys to legal work. U.S. While using our company founding service our customers are provided with legal consulting by an attorney. Furthermore we provide a free partner database of lawyers in the whole of Germany including a search for specialization. Our latest product is going to launch very soon. It is a contract generator which provides automatically generated and legally binding statutes for founding a GmbH, UG etc. and other forms of contracts as well. Germany
Headnote Building The Case For Streamlined Payments, Engagement & Case Collaboration U.S.
LegalVision LegalVision is a rapidly expanding law tech startup in Australia, providing fast and affordable legal services to clients all over the nation. Through our online platform we offer specialist advice on employment, trademarks, business structuring and franchising. Australia
Ping Ping is automated timekeeping for lawyers that will automatically track, categorize and describe all of a lawyer’s billable actions. U.S.
PracticePro PracticePro is a San Francisco-based legal education startup. Through training, coaching, and technology, it strives to change the way new lawyers learn to practice law and make their transition to practice easier. U.S.
Scroll We license a publishing platform for the legal industry that allows a marketing director to organize individual blog sites and post those blog posts out to the entire firm’s social media contacts. U.S.
Seal Software Seal Software uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to help companies efficiently uncover what’s in their contracts, U.S.

I have been helping to coordinate a competition to select 12 legal technology startups to participate in the first-ever Startup Alley at the American Bar Association’s TECHSHOW conference in March.

For the first time ever, TECHSHOW is reserving a portion of its exhibition hall to showcase 12 innovative legal startups. In addition, on TECHSHOW’s opening night, the 12 startups will face off in a bracketed pitch competition (think March Madness) judged by TECHSHOW attendees to pick the most innovative startup.

The competition started in October, when we invited startups to apply for one of the 12 slots. From all the applications we received, a panel of three judges (of which I was one) chose the 20 best. We then posted those 20 and invited readers to vote for their favorite. Voting concluded Dec. 2.

This morning I announced the winners in my column at Above the Law. To read the results, see: This Week In Legal Tech: The Winners Of The TECHSHOW Startup Alley Competition.


Below are the latest additions to my list of legal startups. Send additions and updates to To read more about this list and why I created it, see this post.

Also, I’ve reformatted the list to make it easier to use and nicer to look at. Previously, the list was an embedded Excel spreadsheet. I have now put it into a table format using the WordPress plugin TablePress.

Now the table is searchable and can be sorted by column headings. Also, you can choose how many entries to show on a page, up to 100. The full list currently numbers 607 startups.

Check out the new format.

 Company Description Country  Status
BarProse Instantly analyzes a student’s bar essay writing and tells him or her what areas need improvement. US Active
Cavory Cloud Based Legal Practice Management Software built for your Modern Law Firm. US Active
Clause Automated and data-integrated legal contracts. US Active
Everchron Everchron provides a collaborative litigation management platform for legal teams to discuss, exchange, analyze and act on key documents, facts, witnesses and information across all their matters. US Active
Get20 On-demand attorneys for startups and small businesses US Active
Jurilytics Jurilytics uses technology to provide litigators with access to peer reviewed science – to help them have the best science on their side, rather than simply having an in-court “battle of the expert witnesses” that might not in the end produce the scientifically-appropriate result. US Active
Juris Loop Lawyers and patented technology combine to give fast, clear and accurate guidance in a natural language environment. LOOP is a mobile solution available anywhere and at any time to provide instant help needed to: address a legal dilemma, learn what steps to follow, or chat with licensed attorneys on demand. US Active Provider of Electronic Signatures for Business US and UK Active
Litagility Litagility’s BridgeIP and BridgeIndex applications are a combination of productivity, analysis and management tools designed specifically for patent litigation. The applications serve as a centralized and secure mechanism that captures the litigation team’s analysis, strategy and key work product. US Active
Name Warden Trademark docketing and defense US Active
ReplyToSome Our flagship product is a Microsoft Outlook Add-In called ReplyToSome, which is designed to prevent lawyers and other professionals from accidentally emailing the wrong people. US Active
Route1 An online marketplace connecting lawyers and legal employers UK Active
Xakia Corporate legal department matter management Australia Active


What if a contract could be enabled to perform itself? It would know, for example, when delivery was made and whether the conditions of the delivery were met and then automatically execute payment of the transaction.

A legal startup called Clause is aiming to make contracts “come alive” using a combination of data and the Internet of Things (IoT). It just received an investment as a portfolio company from Seedcamp and Nextlaw Labs — the Dentons subsidiary that helps incubate legal technology companies.

We saw a real-world example of this just last week, when Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Wells Fargo and Brighann Cotton began conducting the world world’s first interbank trade transaction that combined blockchain technology, smart contracts and the IoT.

The transaction involves shipment of 88 bales of cotton from Texas to China. A GPS device is tracking the location of goods during shipment. Once they arrive, the smart contract will automatically trigger the release of funds.

Although Clause is not involved in this transaction, it has developed its own IoT-enabled legal contract, which it has privately demonstrated to Seedcamp and Nextlaw Labs and says it will publicly demonstrate later this year.

In a recent Medium post, it offers this example of how the technology can work:

When a manufacturer orders parts and there are a lot more defects than expected, an autonomous contract will reduce the invoice price, extend the warranty coverage, and refund payments automatically. An autonomous legal contract can also search for and replace an existing supplier in response to persistent part defects. But these contracts can also help suppliers: severe weather conditions or an earthquake that delays delivery or drives up supply costs could immediately be reflected in a price increase or revised delivery schedule.

And in a post yesterday, it offered details of the IoT contract it has developed. The contract, it said, takes the form of a data-augmented natural language supply agreement. The agreement links to an IoT platform to draw in humidity and temperature data to monitor breach conditions and provide dynamic pricing. A contract dashboard displays the state of the contract in real-time.The legal contract also auto-reconciles with accounting and invoicing software in real-time.

From the Medium post:

Today, we live in world where data and computation is being used in transformational ways; from guiding self-driving vehicles to providing real-time information to farmers about soil conditions. Clause is part of this transformation by pioneering a revolutionary new contracting paradigm that uses proprietary technology developed over the last year to enable commercial contracts to ‘come alive’ and autonomously manage themselves in response to the state of the physical world. Business relationships and the terms and conditions of contracts should be as dynamic and data-oriented as the world that surrounds them.

More information about Clause can be found at AngelList.

If you are an innovative legal tech startup looking to gain exposure, here is a first-of-its-kind opportunity to compete for a space at ABA TECHSHOW’s inaugural Startup Alley and participation in a “Pitch Madness” startup face-off.

Full details are provided in my column this week at Above the Law, but here’s the nutshell version:

For the first time ever, ABA TECHSHOW this year (March 15-18 in Chicago) will reserve a portion of its exhibition hall to showcase 12 innovative legal startups. In addition, on TECHSHOW’s opening night, the 12 startups will face off in a bracketed pitch competition — judged by TECHSHOW attendees — to pick the most innovative startup.

The 12 startups will be selected through a competition that I am coordinating, with help from Evolve Law and Above the Law. The competition started yesterday. Startups interested in participating should complete this application form. Applications must be received by Oct. 31, 2016.

From all applications received, a panel of judges from Evolve Law and Above the Law (including me) will select the 20 best. On Nov. 14, brief descriptions of each of the 20 will be posted on Above the Law and readers will be invited to vote for their favorites. The 12 startups with the most votes will be selected for ABA TECHSHOW. Winners will be announced by Nov. 25.

The competition is limited to startups that meet the following criteria:

  • Your product or service is targeted to lawyers or legal professionals, not to consumers.
  • Your company has never before exhibited at a national legal technology conference.
  • Your company has achieved some demonstrable traction, either in users, revenue, or financing.

In addition, your company should be innovative, meaning that it addresses a need not met by other products or services currently on the market or that it does so in a way not currently done by others.

Please read my post at Above the Law for more details. And I hope to see your company in Chicago.

arrows-1229845_1280Here are eight additions to my list of legal startups. Send additions and updates to

To read more about this list and why I created it, see this post.


Company Description Country
Authentic8 Silo Protect against all web-borne threats with the most secure browser available. US Streamling the process of making bail. US
docassemble A free, open-source expert system for legal services and others to use to create guided interviews and document assembly. US
Homebuyer Conveyancing Homebuyers and Investors selling, buying, remortgaging UK property can in just one search find a competitive conveyancer online to manage their property legals. We open the door to a true comparison service. Filter results by price, location and by Mortgage Lender. UK
LawTrades A marketplace for businesses in need of specific legal projects performed by vetted, freelance-attorneys at guaranteed fixed prices. US
Legal Document Server Legal Document Server (LDS) is an online case management and electronic service provider. Managing and serving legal documents during litigation could not be easier through our innovative, yet user-friendly web-based platform.  Streamline your cases by managing and serving your documents online. US
LeGuard An industry-changing technology that gives corporate legal departments LIVE visibility into outside counsel activities before they are initiated and into spend and activity as it accrues. LeGuard also provides law firms with LIVE updates of activities, spend, and budget, that enable them to maximize their team’s utilization, reduce write-offs and non-billable hours, be up to the minute on revenue and budgets, and strengthen their client relationships through greater transparency and communication. US
Trending Law Trending Law analyzes client alerts to discover new and popular topics among big law firms. US