A special networking event on the opening night of ABA Techshow in Chicago will focus on “getting women a seat at the table.”

Sponsored by Above the Law and Evolve Law, it is called the 10/20/30 Networking Event, reflecting the troubling fact that women make up only 10% of corporate board members, 20% of law firm partners and 30% of judges.

“​The networking evening is open to all stakeholders committed to getting women a seat at the table,” says its website.

The event is Wednesday, March 7, 8:30 to 10:30 p.m. CST. Tickets cost $10, with all proceeds going to the Domestic Violence Legal Clinic of Chicago.

Find more information and register here.


We’ve been running a competition over at Above the Law to select 15 legal technology startups to participate in the second-annual Startup Alley at the American Bar Association’s Techshow conference March 7-10, 2018. With more than 6,000 votes casts, we’ve now announced the winners.

See who they are in my ATL column this week.

The 15 winning companies get to be highlighted as exhibitors in a special “Startup Alley” portion of the Techshow exhibition hall. They will also participate in a pitch competition on the conference’s opening night, where attendees will vote live for their favorite.

The competition is a cooperate effort of Techshow, Above the Law, Evolve Law and this blog.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all companies that competed and to all the readers who voted.

I sometimes hear people complain that they’ve never been invited to speak at ABA Techshow. But when I ask them, “Did you apply?”, they just shake their heads.

For those of you interested in joining the Techshow speaker roster, here is your chance. Techshow has put out a call for speaker proposals.

We are on the hunt for relevant, exciting topics to add to the agenda, so if you are interested in being a part of this amazing show, please fill out the form below. If you have more than one idea, please fill this out as many times as you want!

So go ahead and submit your idea. But note: The deadline for proposals is midnight Central time on Wednesday, July 26.

By the way, the date of Techshow this year is March 7-10, 2018. As always, the location is Chicago, but the venue is new — the Hyatt Regency Chicago. Hope to see you there.

A series of short posts rounding up product announcements from last week’s ABA Techshow

Worldox, the document and email management platform, announced an add-in for Office 365, enabling Worldox customers with Office 365 subscriptions to access Worldox documents from any browser and to save new Office 365 documents directly into Worldox even when away from the office.

The add-in merges the functionality of OneDrive and Worldox, according to the announcement. While in the office, files can be checked out into OneDrive for access and editing while offline and out of office. Worldox documents can be searched and accessed directly from Word, Excel and PowerPoint Online. The add-in also allows users to access their Worldox favorites, bookmarks and workspaces.

A series of short posts rounding up product announcements from last week’s ABA Techshow

CASEpeer, a cloud-based case management platform for personal injury attorneys, introduced new CASEpush functionality for intra-firm collaboration.

The new CASEpush feature allows law firms to send and receive cases between CASEpeer accounts with all of the CASEpeer data. This could be used, for example when referring a client to an outside attorney for litigation or when working with another firm on an out-of-state deposition.

Files sent with CASEpush can be reviewed and imported in full, including case notes, documents, photos, health liens, negotiations and more.

A series of short posts rounding up product announcements from last week’s ABA Techshow

Zola Suite announced an integration with RPost to provide secure and certified email communications from within the Zola practice management platform. The integration provides tracking of email opens, certified proof of delivery, email encryption, and e-signatures.

“With the click of a button, attorneys can now send encrypted emails without leaving Zola Suite and access court-admissible proof of email content delivered, time-stamped and recorded automatically with its associated client matter,” said Fred Cohen, Zola’s CEO.

If you are interested in learning more about the new integration, Zola will be demonstrating it in a complimentary webinar April 5 at 1 p.m. Eastern time.

A series of short posts rounding up product announcements from last week’s ABA Techshow. 

Page Vault, a company whose software accurately captures and archives web pages, announced the launch of Page Vault On Demand, an online request service that enables legal professionals to outsource web content collection on a one-shot basis, without a Page Vault subscription.

With Page Vault On Demand, you indicate the web content you want collected, such as social media, entire websites, videos or images. Page Vault provides a price quote (starting at $199) for your approval before starting any collection. Page Vault collects the requested content and delivers accurate, printable and court-reliable files with key metadata and optional affidavits to support authentication.

“A simple web form request initiates the collection process, and our staff leverages the industry’s most advanced and trusted web-capture technologies to complete the job,” Jeff Eschback, Page Vault CEO explained. “There’s no new software or difficult procedures to learn.”


A series of short posts rounding up product announcements from last week’s ABA Techshow

Ruby Receptionists, the virtual receptionist service, and Rocket Matter, the practice management platform, announced their integration during last week’s ABA Techshow. This is Ruby’s third integration with a legal platform — it also integrates with practice management platform Clio and client-relationship management platform Lexicata.

The integration enables lawyers to manage calls and messages handled by Ruby within the Rocket Matter platform. All of the lawyer’s Ruby calls, voicemails and messages are automatically synced with Rocket Matter, eliminating repetitive data entry. Also, the date and time the lawyer spends on calls is recorded so it can be accurately billed.

A user can also choose to upload their case contacts from Rocket Matter to Ruby to allow its receptionists to better recognize incoming calls.

Ruby answers all incoming calls in both English and Spanish. It also offers an optional evening and weekend service. Ruby’s receptionists take detailed messages that not only say  who called, but that describe their needs and temperament.

Rocket Matter subscribers will require a separate Ruby subscription to use the service, but they get a 5 percent discount on the price of monthly plans.

A series of short posts rounding up product announcements from last week’s ABA Techshow

The practice management platform Smokeball released AutoTime, a feature that the company says will revolutionize how small law firms record their time and that will allow them to gain a better understanding of their profitability on a per-matter basis.

Smokeball users spend much of their workdays within the application, creating documents, sending and reading emails, performing tasks, and tracking meetings and court appearances. AutoTime tracks all of a user’s activity and completes a timesheet for each timekeeper each day.

While there are other software programs that can passively record time, AutoTime differs in that it knows the correct matter with which to associate the activity and it then automatically creates the time entry.

AutoTime includes a Profitability Tracker that provides firms with business intelligence about the time, cost and profitability of their matters. The tracker provides data on activities by the matter, by the timekeeper and by the client.

“We’re releasing firms from the monotony and often impossibility of tracking all their time and activity while allowing them to really understand how much time they’re spending versus what they’re billing on every matter,” Jane Oxley, president of Smokeball, said in a statement announcing the new feature.