Here are 16 additions to my list of legal startups. This brings the list to 647 entries. Send additions and updates to To read more about this list and why I created it, see this post. Company Description Country Apeer Apeer is an app for attorneys that quickly gets court appearances covered by well-qualified special […]

Immi, a website devoted to helping immigrants in the U.S. understand their legal options, has won the 2017 Webby Award for best law website. A creation of and the Immigration Advocates Network, Immi provides an online screening tool, legal information, and referrals to nonprofit legal services organizations. This was the 21st year of the […]

It’s a maelstrom of activity in our nation’s capital these days, making it all the harder for lawyers to keep up with federal developments and separate truth from rumor. Cognizant of that, Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory has launched a new product, the Federal Developments Knowledge Center, designed to help legal professionals stay on top […]

Well, this is enterprising of them. Following my report earlier this week that LexisNexis Firm Manager will go dark on Oct. 31, another practice management company announced that it will offer free subscriptions to Firm Manager’s customers. says it will provide a free subscription for a period equivalent to the remainder of the Firm Manager […]

Founded 25 years ago, the Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School was the first-ever legal website. Rather than rest on its laurels, the LII continues to be a leader today in providing free and open access to law. On the LII’s 25th anniversary, I speak with cofounder Tom Bruce about its origins and where […]

Fresh on the heels of Casetext’s legal research assistant CARA being named new product of the year, Casetext is today introducing an expansion of CARA that adds briefs to its suggested results. This means that, in addition to finding relevant — but possibly overlooked — case law, CARA also finds relevant briefs. Casetext is calling this new feature […]

A convergence of three recent developments in legal research suggests that we may be entering what Ed Walters, the CEO of legal research service Fastcase, described in a tweet as “a golden age of legal research innovation.” In my column this week at Above the Law, I describe these three developments and what they mean for legal […]

This has been the year of the legal keyboard. Earlier this year, I wrote about the launch of the LegalBoard, a computer keyboard designed specifically for lawyers. Then, six weeks ago, came another one designed just for lawyers, called Citepad. Unlike the LegalBoard, which is an actual hardware keyboard, the Citepad is an application that provides legal-specific buttons […]

LexisNexis will turn off its Firm Manager practice management platform on Oct. 31, 2017. This follows news reported here in January that LexisNexis was discontinuing sales and suspending development of Firm Manager. A LexisNexis spokesperson said that the company will continue to support and operate the platform until Oct. 31, but that customers would be […]

Just ahead of the annual meeting of the International Trademark Association (INTA), where an expected 10,000 trademark lawyers will gather starting Saturday in Barcelona, Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. and Alt Legal are announcing an integration that will provide one-click access to WK Trademark Navigator from within Alt Legal. Through this integration, which will be formally […]

This year is the 25th anniversary of the Legal Information Institute at Cornell University Law School, literally the first legal site on the Internet. Not only did the LII set the standard for open access to law a quarter-century ago, it continues to set the standard today. The LII invited me to contribute a post to […]