You know you’re getting old when even your blog is older than you care to admit. LawSites hit its lucky 13th birthday on Nov. 19. I started it back in 2002, partly as a way of providing updates to the book I’d published back then, The Essential Guide to the Best (and Worst) Legal Sites […]

Following up on my posts earlier today (here and here) about the acquisition by LexisNexis of Silicon Valley legal analytics company Lex Machina, I had an opportunity to speak with Steven Errick, vice president and managing director of research services at LexisNexis, who gave me more details about the deal and plans for the future. With […]

[For an update, see: LexisNexis VP Steven Errick Discusses Lex Machina Acquisition.] Following up on my earlier post today, Rumor Mill: Is LexisNexis About to Buy Lex Machina?, I have received confirmation from LexisNexis that the acquisition has taken place. Here’s the note I received from Ashley Jefferson, communications coordinator for LexisNexis: In response to your recent inquiry, […]

For updates to this post, see: Now It’s Official: LexisNexis Acquires Lex Machina. LexisNexis VP Steven Errick Discusses Lex Machina Acquisition. Rumors are swirling that LexisNexis is about to announce its acquisition of Lex Machina, the legal analytics platform that emerged out of Stanford Law School. I have not been able to confirm this with […]

Being released today is a new version 3.3 of cloud practice management platform CosmoLex. Key highlights of this new version are the ability to import bank and credit card statements and automation of the month-end reconciliation process. I’ve not yet had a chance to view the new version, but information provided to me by CosmoLex […]

The cloud-based practice management platform Rocket Matter today announced a new feature, Advanced Analytics, that allows law firms to create various reports on billing and productivity. The reports are intended to help small- and mid-sized firms understand the efficiency of their billing process and which of their attorneys and matters are most effective at bringing […]

Ten years ago, The Authors Guild and several authors filed a lawsuit against Google Inc. alleging copyright infringement through Google’s massive book-scanning project, in which it scanned tens of millions of books and made them searchable. Recently, the 2nd U.S. Court of Appeals ruled in Google’s favor, finding that the project was fair use under copyright […]

I have written about a lot of cloud-based practice management platforms, but one that’s somehow stayed off my radar is The Miami-based company got my attention this week when it announced that it has raised $3.5 million in funding and is offering its service free for the rest of the year. PracticePanther describes itself […]

The Legal Talk Network folks were on site at the recent Clio Cloud Conference, where they recorded a series of interviews with the speakers. The interviews are now all posted as part of the LTN’s ongoing series of Special Reports. I conducted two of the interviews, one (together with the LTN’s Laurence Colletti) of Clio founder […]

In my continuing effort to tally the states that have adopted the duty of technology competence, I have two more to add: New Hampshire and New York. They bring the total to 17. Yesterday, the Supreme Court of New Hampshire entered an order adopting various amendments to court rules. In that order, it adopted a modified […]

Legal news company ALM and legal research company LexisNexis this week announced an expansion of their content licensing agreement that is good news for LexisNexis subscribers but not so good news for the rest of the legal community. Since 2011, LexisNexis has had the exclusive license to archived content from all ALM publications, which include The American […]