I tend not to gush about legal technology conferences. As a veteran of more than I care to remember, they all start to seem formulaic and familiar after awhile. But after attending last year’s Clio Cloud Conference, I posted about it with the headline, Electricity in the Cloud at Clio Conference. Of all the legal […]

In a recent interview with legal writing expert Bryan Garner, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan said that law schools need to “think in a deep way” about how to help law students become better writers, even as she acknowledged that “writing is one of the hardest things to teach.” So how can law students and […]

Hot off the wire today: Thomson Reuters announced that its legal business has acquired Business Integrity, a company that provides document assembly and contract creation tools to law firms and corporations. The company’s primary product is ContractExpress, an enterprise-level document automation platform used primarily at larger law firms and corporations. Its law firm customers include Allen […]

Only a third of lawyers use encryption when sending confidential or privileged documents to their clients. Instead, the great majority of lawyers rely on a confidentiality statement in the message body to protect the email’s privacy. According to the 2015 edition of the annual Legal Technology Survey Report, compiled by the American Bar Association’s Legal […]

A new legal-funding site launched this month with the goal of connecting plaintiffs in civil litigation with investors who compete to advance them a small portion of any future settlement or award. Called Mighty, the company formally announced the launch of its online funding marketplace on Sept. 16, after having recently raised $5.25 million in […]

In 2011, LinkedIn sent me an email thanking me for being its 137,277th member. Considering that LinkedIn now has more than 380 million members worldwide, that tells you that I was an early adopter. I was an early evangelist, as well. Shortly after I joined LinkedIn in 2004, I wrote a post here titled, LinkedIn […]

Just last week, I posted here about Lexicata’s release of a new plugin that allows law firms to integrate its client-intake forms with their WordPress websites. Today there is more news from Lexicata, the introduction of custom intake checklists. As some of you may recall from my original review, Lexicata is a cloud-based client intake […]

Some of the week’s legal technology news: Email Integration in Firm Manager.  LexisNexis Firm Manager, a practice-management platform aimed at one- and two-lawyer firms, this week added email integration. The integration enables users to have their emails and attachments automatically saved with the associated client matter. “If an attorney emails an engagement letter or strategy […]

Here is a milestone that no other legal podcast has reached, that I know of: 10 years of Lawyer2Lawyer, our legal news and legal-affairs program. Our first show was posted on Aug. 31, 2005. Our guests way back then were Mike Greco, who had just taken office as president of the American Bar Association, and Erwin […]

A for-profit membership organization aimed at driving technology innovation and adoption in the legal industry made its formal launch yesterday. Called Evolve Law, its primary focus will be on promoting collaboration among a “community” of lawyers, law firms and innovative legal technology companies in order to speed adoption of new technology. “The focus is to […]

[Updated at 10:55 a.m. with statement from Wolters Kluwer.] The legal research company Fastcase has acquired one of its prime competitors among middle-market legal research providers, Loislaw. Fastcase has purchased Loislaw from Wolters Kluwer, which had acquired it in 2000 for $95 million. LoisLaw subscribers began receiving notices over the weekend informing them of the news. […]