Yesterday I published a post about Derek Bluford, CEO and founder of QuickLegal, and his recent agreement to have a judgment of $559,330 entered against him to settle a lawsuit charging him with impersonating a lawyer, forging legal documents and fraudulently swindling two clients. Bluford had not returned my call to him before I published […]

The phrase “the rule of law” has never rung right to me. It sounds onerous and oppressive. Yet its meaning is exactly the opposite. It represents the principle that no one should be above the law — not governments, not corporations, not the rich, not anyone — and that the system of laws is fair, […]

The plaintiffs hired California Legal Pros after seeing this webpage. Bluford is second from left in the front row. [Update 5/26/16, 6:25 p.m.: I just received this update from ALM: “ALM recently learned of the developments regarding QuickLegal and can confirm that QuickLegal won’t be participating in Legaltech West Coast. ALM works with CodeX, our […]

In 1996, Jerry Goldman, then a professor at Northwestern University, assembled a few dozen recordings of Supreme Court arguments and made them available through a website originally called The Oyez Project. Today Oyez, as it is now known, has grown to become the authoritative source for all of the Supreme Court’s audio since the court […]

Are lawyers relying on a false premise to be lured into buying the new .law, .lawyer and .attorney domains? That is the conclusion reached in a blog post published today by Conrad Saam, principal of Mockingbird Marketing. Some domain resellers are heavily marketing the new domains, the latest of which, .law, went on sale last October. […]

A firm can choose to enable UTBMS code sets and set which codes to allow or restrict. The cloud practice management platform CosmoLex today rolled out a set of upgrades designed to extend its suitability to larger law firms. The upgrades include the incorporation of LEDES 1998B billing codes and ABA UTBMS task management codes, […]

Capturing and preserving web and social media pages as evidence is an increasingly common need for legal professionals. But doing it in a way that is forensically defensible and that preserves the chain of custody is a challenge. Enter Page Vault, a company whose software accurately captures and archives web pages to be used as evidence […]

As regular readers know by now, I recently started building a list of legal startups, in an attempt to develop a more-accurate list of these startups than was then available. Today, another such effort — and a much more sophisticated one than mine — is being unveiled at the CodeX FutureLaw Conference hosted by the […]

There was a flurry of activity this week in the copyright lawsuit by the state of Georgia against Public.Resource.Org over publication of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated. Both the plaintiff, the state of Georgia’s Code Revision Commission, and Public.Resource.Org filed motions for summary judgment. And Matthew Bender & Company, the LexisNexis-owned official publisher of […]

Launching this summer is an online networking community where only in-house counsel will be allowed to participate. Called In the House, the professional networking site will be the online companion to the eponymous In the House networking organization for in-house counsel that has been operating since 2011. The purpose of the In the House networking […]