This one begs the question, What are they hiding? Turns out bloggers are not welcome at the legal networking site Foxwordy. In fact, bloggers are banned from membership — or at least any blogger is banned who might write about Foxwordy. So are members of the media. In my case, Foxwordy went so far as […]

Two brothers — one a lawyer, the other a software engineer — have teamed up to create a software application they say will make the process of creating and analyzing contracts more accurate and efficient. But before all you Windows users get too excited, the software works only on Apple Macintosh computers. The software, Turner, […]

The annual meeting of the International Legal Technology Association kicked off yesterday in Las Vegas, and that means lots of announcements coming out this week from companies that serve the legal industry. But for today, at least, it is turning into a Microsoft kind of day. First was this morning’s announcement that Microsoft is finally […]

The field of companies offering practice management platforms for lawyers is already crowded and competitive. Today, it got a lot more crowded with the arrival of an 800-pound gorilla, Microsoft. Earlier today, it formally launched Matter Center for Office 365, its long-rumored practice management product built as an Office 365 add-in. Last January, I wrote […]

As I’ve noted before, the practice-management platform Cosmolex has been on a development roll. It made its debut at ABA Techshow in 2014 as a cloud-based time, billing and trust accounting program for solos and small firms. (I reviewed it here.) Then, in December 2014, it added a suite of practice-management tools that included document […]

Ever since it launched in October 2014, I have been meaning to write about Bestlaw. Now there is a new version out, so I have a whole new reason to write about it. Bestlaw first came out as a free browser extension that added features features to Westlaw to make it easier to use. With […]

Announced recently was the launch of Zama, a news and social-media monitoring service for solo and small law firms. It offers flat-fee monitoring of more than 70,000 news, information and social media sources. You receive one daily email notifying you of the latest developments in your topics of interest. Zama is the younger sibling of […]

A free service started by two Harvard Law School students that allows users to unsend and edit emails after they’ve been sent is apparently shutting down. The service, Pluto Mail, allows users to unsend emails after they’ve been sent, edit emails after they’ve been sent, set auto-expiration dates that make the text of an email […]

Above are the slides from my July 20 presentation on crowdsourcing to the American Association of Law Libraries annual meeting. When I first suggested the title, I was sure the presentation would be a positive one, demonstrating the ways in which crowdsourcing and collaboration “are changing” legal research. I have long been a believer that […]

Ever since 2012, when the American Bar Association amended the Model Rules of Professional Conduct to say that lawyers have a duty to be competent in technology, there has been debate over just how far that duty extends. In a decision that could be a harbinger of how other states will rule, the State Bar […]