The legal research site Ravel Law has partnered with the law firm Cooley LLP to pair Cooley’s client alerts with the court opinions in Ravel that they discuss. Now, if the court opinion you view in Ravel was ever discussed or cited in a Cooley alert, the two are linked. When viewing the case, a box […]

LexisNexis announced yesterday that it had acquired Moreover Technologies, a company that provides aggregation, monitoring and distribution of news stories, blogs and social media. The Moreover business will be housed under the LexisNexis Business Insight Solutions umbrella, but a LexisNexis spokesperson said that the acquisition is also important for its legal customers. “We’ll combine Moreover’s […]

You may remember reading here about ClearView Social, the social media sharing app designed for lawyers by social media marketing consultant Adrian Dayton. Last May, I wrote a post critical of the idea, but after talking to Dayton and seeing a demonstration, I softened my position. Those posts were about an early, beta version of […]

Crowdsourced legal research site Casetext officially rolled out its new community pages this week. Designed to provide common ground for lawyers who share interests and practice areas, these pages allow lawyers to contribute analysis, meet others in their fields, and engage in discussions about current legal developments. Also this week, Casetext announced new features, added […]

Crowdsourcing the law is a concept any number of legal sites have tried over the years, as I’ve written about many times. The idea behind it makes perfect sense. There are lots of very smart legal professionals out there in the world — practitioners, academics, librarians and even law students. If they can be encouraged […]

Hyperbole gets my hackles up, and none more so than websites or products that claim to be the first of their kind when in fact they are not. Regular readers will know that, in the past, I’ve called sites out for erroneously proclaiming themselves to be first at something. So when I saw a press […]

Firm Manager, the LexisNexis online practice-management platform for solo and small-firm attorneys, rolled out several enhancements yesterday, the most notable of which is in-app document editing. This new feature allows a user to open, edit and save documents from within the Firm Manager application.  The feature works with the Microsoft Office 2013 productivity suite – […]

Two events coincided to produce this week’s episode of Lawyer2Lawyer. First, the Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame — an institution devoted to  honoring the nation’s most exceptional trial lawyers — marked the grand opening last month of its permanent home at Temple Law School in Philadelphia. Around the same time, legendary plaintiffs’ lawyer Fred Levin — […]

In a recent issue of the email newsletter TechnoLawyer Answers, a lawyer asked about the easiest way to transition from a physical fax machine to a service that delivers faxes by email. Harold Burstyn, a lawyer and computer science professor, recommended the free version of eFax. This surprised me, primarily because I thought eFax no […]