It was big news in 2012 when the American Bar Association amended the Model Rules of Professional Conduct to make clear that lawyers have a duty to be competent in technology. Specifically, the ABA amended the comment to Model Rule 1.1, governing lawyer competence, to say that, in addition to keeping abreast of changes in the […]

Internet Brands, one of the world’s largest operators of websites that serve targeted vertical markets, this week widened its footprint in the legal industry with the purchase of the law practice management and marketing site Total Attorneys. Internet Brands already operates the Martindale-Hubbell lawyer directory; the Nolo legal self-help site; and the, AllLaw and […]

Lawyers often have to redact documents in order to obscure confidential, privileged or sensitive information. Redaction is most typically required for documents filed with a court or exchanged during discovery. For PDF documents, redaction is a fairly simple process, because most of the leading PDF programs used by lawyers include redaction as a built-in feature. […]

In a recent post here, Microsoft Readies Launch of Practice Management Product for Lawyers, I wrote about Microsoft’s forthcoming launch of a practice management product for lawyers. I speculated that the launch would be of Matter Center for Office 365, which Microsoft previewed at last year’s International Legal Technology Association conference. I further speculated that […]

This is one in a series of brief posts rounding up what I saw and heard at LegalTech New York. Last year I reviewed the digital dictation system BigHand. As I noted then, the company describes its product as “voice productivity and workflow” software. It provides not only cloud and enterprise dictation systems, but also a dictation […]

This is one in a series of brief posts rounding up what I saw and heard at LegalTech New York. Corporate counsel are the target audience for Legal Decoder, a product launched last October that promises to identify inefficiencies in law firm billing by using data analytics to “decode” law firm invoices. The platform analyzes each line […]

I look forward to participating in Avvo’s Lawyernomics 2015 conference May 13-15 in Las Vegas. If you are thinking of attending, buy your ticket before Feb. 28, because that is when early-bird pricing ends. I will be moderating a panel on “Innovating Attorneys” on the last day of the conference. The panel will spotlight four […]

This is one in a series of brief posts rounding up what I saw and heard at LegalTech New York Feb. 3-5. Two years ago, the company Rocket Matter blasted off in a new direction, launching an Internet marketing service called Rocket X1, which it offered in addition to its hosted practice management platform.  Now, Rocket Matter […]

If you did not listen to the Serial podcast, you should. The 12-episode podcast — the most listened-to podcast ever — picks through in fascinating detail the 1999 Baltimore-area murder of high school senior Hae Min Lee and the arrest and conviction of her former boyfriend, Adnan Syed. It is a fascinating look at the […]

Here is a brief round-up of some of the news I heard at LegalTech New York last week: Carpe Diem Next Generation. Back in October, Tikit North America announced a major relaunch of the venerable timekeeping program Carpe Diem (which it acquired in 2010) as Carpe Diem Classic. The relaunch represented a major re-engineering and updating […]

The iPad is fast replacing the legal pad as the essential accoutrement of trial lawyers. But what are the most-helpful apps for iPad- and iPhone-bearing litigators to load onto their devices before heading off to the courtroom? I wrote a two-part wrap-up of essential apps for trial lawyers for the Bullseye legal blog of IMS […]