Jan 26, 2006

An auction site for legal services

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A new “reverse auction” Web site, Tip-Mart, enables purchasers of legal services to accept bids from interested lawyers and law firms. Here is its pitch:

“In Tip-Mart’s reverse auction, buyers no longer are required to search through and evaluate thousands of potential sellers to locate legal services. Instead, buyers merely post unlimited free reverse auctioned-classifieds … for a particular good or service. The burden is then shifted to interested sellers to competitively bid among other interested sellers to provide the good or service to the buyer. The buyer is then able to conveniently and easily evaluate various offers based on reputation, price, quality, users’ feedback-ratings, or other terms and then accept the best offer. Thus, the system eliminates extraordinary market inefficiencies, drives down prices, increases sales, and provides new value to both buyers and sellers.”

The site is set up to handle auctions for any number of goods or services, not just legal services. I found only one auction — for an IP attorney for Tip-Mart.

The site is the creation of a college student in Ohio, who concedes it “is still a lot of work in progress.”

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  • Rob Millard · July 8, 2010 at 2:24 pm

    I keep wondering whether one of these online services will ever take off like the Japanese site ‘Mainichi Tokubai’ which is placing such pressure on supermarkets by constantly comparing prices and publishing the comparisons for all to see that policymakers fear that it could drive economic deflation nationally. See: http://socialcommercetoday.com/mainichi-tokubai-social-commerce-japanese-style-new-opportunity-for-brands/

    My guess: Not this year …. but perhaps well within say 5 – 10, we may well see a market evolve for legal services (and for many other professional services) where pricing especially of more commoditized services (and clients decide what is commoditized and what is not) is totally transparent and hyper-competitive. In such an environment, only the most efficient (read: lowest cost per transaction) would survive.

    Are your clients REALLY buying deep expertise and judgment, or legal processes that others could deliver for less but your clients don’t know that yet?


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