Popular Legal Directories, Ranked by Traffic

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Which online lawyer directories get the most traffic? To find out, I checked Alexa.com, which tracks statistics for all major websites. Based on those statistics, it assigns each site a global rank as well as country-specific ranks. Not surprisingly, the two top-ranked sites in the world are Google and Facebook.

Alexa calculates a site’s rank using a combination of its average daily visitors and pageviews over the past three months. Thus, the site with the highest combination of visitors and pageviews is ranked #1, and so on. Of course, a site’s ranking can change frequently, based on ebbs and flows in traffic.

I selected several sites to compare. Let me say up front that comparing these sites based on raw rankings is unfair. Some of these sites are consumer-facing sites while others are industry-facing sites. Naturally, the consumer sites will get more traffic. For some of these sites, the lawyer directory is their primary focus. For others, the directory is secondary to other featured content. For example, Nolo.com has a lawyer directory, but is better known for its legal guides and do-it-yourself legal resources.

With that proviso, it is interesting, nonetheless, to see how these sites line up in the rankings. As you can see, both globally and in the U.S., the top four are FindLaw.com, Avvo.com, Justia.com and Lawyers.com.

Alexa Global Rank

  1. FindLaw.com, 5,765
  2. Avvo.com, 7.748
  3. Justia.com, 8,925
  4. Lawyers.com, 8,927
  5. Nolo.com, 16,480
  6. Martindale.com, 23,337
  7. LegalMatch.com, 38,430
  8. SuperLawyers.com, 58,056
  9. LawyerCentral.com, 91,219
  10. Legal500.com, 113,920
  11. ChambersAndPartners.com, 189,627
  12. BestLawyers.com, 376,373

Alexa U.S. Rank

  1. Findlaw.com, 1,401
  2. Avvo.com, 1,698
  3. Justia.com, 2,024
  4. Lawyers.com, 2,207
  5. Nolo.com, 3,566
  6. Martindale.com, 5,975
  7. LegalMatch.com, 9,203
  8. SuperLawyers.com, 12,899
  9. LawyerCentral.com, 23,105
  10. BestLawyers.com, 110,825
  11. ChambersAndPartners.com, 159,942
  12. Legal500.com, 170,909


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37 Responses to “Popular Legal Directories, Ranked by Traffic”

  1. Jay Pinkert says:

    Thanks for this comparative analysis. Very interesting.

    I would add to your proviso that raw rankings are also a function of technical interventions like paid SEO optimization and PPC advertising.

    And one quibble: the data cannot be interpretted to indicate the customer-perceived value of the content, so I’m not sure “popular” is an accurate term. Most visited would do fine.

  2. LarryBodine says:

    Interesting information. A flaw in Alexa data is that it is drawn from people who have installed an Alexa toolbar on their web browsers, so the data is not from a representative sample.

    Also, Alexa can’t rank subdirectories, like lawyers.findlaw.com — which is the Thomson directory. So it is not accurate to compare it to lawyers.com — the LexisNexis directory.

    Nevertheless, I enjoy your blog and commend you for going to the trouble of doing some kind of ranking of the directories.

  3. Sami Hero says:

    Very interesting analysis. Of course, depending on the tool, you get very different results (such as compete.com which puts Lawyers.com ahead of Avvo and Justia and behind Findlaw).

    One thing of further analysis would be Avvo’s traffic around their doctor directory. It would be interesting to figure out a way to separate legal and medical consumer traffic as I would think that there are significantly more people looking for doctors than looking for lawyers.

    Full disclosure – I work for LexisNexis.

    Take care,


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  5. Thanks for this analysis and sharing these top ranked law directories. It is very interesting to see the comparisons between the two Alexa ranks and how they stack up with each other.

  6. Sami Hero says:

    Hi Bob,

    Your blog sparked interest for further analysis and I ran the comparisons with Google Trends amongst the sites and it gives rather different perspective. How would you rank Alexa’s accuracy against Google Trends? I think we’d need to focus on apples to apples comparison if we want to make a case for directories:


    As some of the sites bundle free case law into the same domain to drive traffic up.



    • Steve Cook says:

      Although I do think that Alexa’s methodology is less accurate because of its reliance on the Alexa toolbar, I think that the searches reported through Google trends are not definitive either because those results rely upon users first searching through Google.

      For what is worth, the sample size is statistically insignificant and the placement of the firm’s listing varies widely in each directory, the most common legal directory referrers to my firm’s website are as follows (in order from highest to lowest):

      1. Lawyers.com
      2. AVVO.com
      3. Findlaw.com
      4. Justia.com

  7. Hi Bob,

    This is an interesting comparison but as someone who used to work at Chambers USA I had access to all their Google analytics data and when compared with what Alexa reported Alexa was pretty much always way out.

    The simple fact is that these types of site do not have access to your figures so it is good guesswork at best.


    • You are so right. The data from Alexa or any similar service is extremely inaccurate. Data on my admittedly small site is way off compared to G’s analytics. SEO experts (who see their own analytics) have openly challenged the data as so inaccurate that it’s a wonder anyone would buy advertising based upon such inaccurate data.

      Why do all of these legal “directories” remind me of a paperless version of the yellow pages where the traffic gets sliced into progressively smaller pieces ?

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  9. Interesting information. I have had people try to sell me services or service packages based on an “Alexa” score. It’s insightful to see how they get some [a lot?] of their data. Do you have any further information on what their data “collected from other diverse sources” might be?

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  11. Alexa is overrated when it comes to websites.

    The same firms who try to upsell Alexa are the ones who promise to get you no. in google for any keyword.

    We lawyers were smart enough to pass our exams but can’t see we’re being sold a pig in a poke.

  12. Vegas Lawyer says:

    I think you should also include http://www.lawinfo.com on the directory list. It ranks:

    Alexa Traffic Rank: 50,276 Traffic Rank in US: 12,917

  13. Bob,
    We have been building a lawyer directory over the last few years as well (http://WWW.lawfather.com) that I hope you will consider for inclusion. Its free of phony awards. It rates attorneys based on professional background including discipline records and availability of malpractice insurance. We’ve also included RSS feeds and other features that give consumers a better sense of the lawyers participation in the legal community over static listings. I appreciate your listing here, and hope that as our Alexia rank improves you will monitor our site for inclusion in future posts. Thanks again!

  14. Sunita says:

    You should also consider the relatively new but fast growing sites like http://www.globallawdirectories.com

    It is not only the traffic or ranking but you should also consider othet factors like the cost and convenience in creating,maintaining and editing of listings by law professionals.

  15. Thanks for publishing your analysis and insights. This post is very interesting to me.

  16. I find it interesting that Nolo.com is listed so high. I signed up for an advertising spot with Nolo back in 2008 and I did not receive a single referral. But then again much of the traffc to Nolo.com is the consumer looking for a do it yourself guide and not looking to hire an attorney.

  17. Since this post is from 2011, I would be interested to see if the rankings have changed at all. Google has refined its algorithm and new websites have emerged. Just curious is a follow-up post might be worthwhile.

  18. Thanks for this — very useful information in the legal field. Getting my website listed in all of these is key to growing my practice. I’ve found that there are many other directories with all sorts of topics that also appear in search results (not just law firm directories) — good to be listed in those as well!


  19. Tim R says:

    Very cool research! There seems to be a solid mix between paid for directories and free directory listings which is quite interesting.

    Thanks for the post!

  20. Glenn Reiser says:

    I’m surprised that http://www.hg.org did not make the top 10 in either list. That’s a pretty good legal directory.

  21. Thank you for publishing your analysis. Useful stats for picking the right law directories to be listed in for best results.

  22. Drew Davis says:

    I am glad Avvo.com does well and is reliable for many lawyers. Some of the others can be quite expensive or time consuming to use.

    Avvo has my reccomendation! Thanks for the research Robert!

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  24. I have used Avvo for years and appreciate their ease of use and customer friendly experience. Lawyers.com (lexis-nexis) has been a complete waste of money.

  25. I think there are many other metrics aside from Alexa rankings which should be used as a determination of traffic.

  26. greg says:

    Alexa is overrated when it comes to websites,
    avvo is the best for all

  27. Helpful list, thanks. Has it been updated recently, by chance?

  28. Frank Walker says:

    Thanks for Share very useful information in the legal field. I’ve found that there are many other directories with all sorts of topics that also appear in search results — good to be listed in those as well!


  29. Thank you for sharing this list. Definitely helpful! I’ve recently been tinkering with a new website for my law office in Wadsworth, Ohio and a friend suggested that I try to list it in different directories for backlinking and SEO. So thank you for this giant step in the right direction. Greatly appreciated.

  30. This is a great list. Thank you very much for sharing

  31. Andrew Jezic says:

    Thanks for the list, really helpful information.
    will add the site to my ” must check list” once again thank you much.

  32. Adam says:

    Good info, thanks. I did not know about several of these sites.

  33. Consider adding LawyerRatingz.com to your comparison. The Alexa numbers are within the range of the other directories you’ve listed, particularly in the United States.

  34. J. Berlage says:

    There seems to be some confusion among a few posters that Alexa is a website in the same manner of AVVO and the others. Alexa is a website but it is a tool used to measure how popular a site is and the amount of traffic that is drawn to that site. Obviously, you want to be listed on sites that have a higher Alexa ranking. I just found this law blog today and have read a few articles that are very helpful. Thanks for publishing this article!

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