LexisNexis Firm Manager Will Go Dark on Oct. 31, 2017

LexisNexis will turn off its Firm Manager practice management platform on Oct. 31, 2017. This follows news reported here in January that LexisNexis was discontinuing sales and suspending development of Firm Manager.

A LexisNexis spokesperson said that the company will continue to support and operate the platform until Oct. 31, but that customers would be advised to export their data from the system in advance of that date.

Firm Manager customers should receive letters notifying them of the closure and providing a customer-service phone number for them to call with any questions or for any assistance.

LexisNexis is offering Firm Manager month-to-month subscribers a free one-year license and maintenance plan on either of its other practice management platforms, Time Matters and PCLaw. The free license runs from April 25, 2017.

Annual subscribers are also eligible for the free license and maintenance plan. In addition, refunds will be given to any annual subscribers who paid during the current 12-month subscription year.

In January, the company said it was discontinuing Firm Manager in order to focus on other products. An email sent in January said:

Wanted to share a recent choice we’ve made to increase investment in a number of key BLSS and LexisNexis® solutions. As we enter 2017, we’re excited about our growth trajectories and various opportunities in our portfolio. As a result of our desire to move even faster, we’ve decided to suspend development of, and are no longer selling, LexisNexis Firm Manager®.

With our existing practice management solutions (PCLaw®, Time Matters® & Juris®) going strong, and the market potential of our Enterprise solutions it’s the smart move to focus our efforts, and I’m excited about what more we’ll do for customers with this increased investment across the portfolio.

The email said that LexisNexis has no plans to sell or sunset its other practice management products, Time Matters, PCLaw and Juris.

LexisNexis first released Firm Manager in 2011.

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  • FrankieBeanPie

    Robert — any guess as to why this product is being discontinued? I know Lexis has other similar products (Time Matters and PCLaw) but that was the case when they first released the product. My guess is that Firm Manager was not as profitable as they had hoped since it would require continues updating, improving, and competing with other services.

    Lexis seems tied to the old way of thinking in that customers can take it or leave it. Case in point we’ve had PCLaw for years now with no substantive improvements or innovations and little in the way of updates (other than the yearly obligatory update that justifies charging another licensing fee).

    • Bob Ambrogi

      You’re right — it’s about profitability. There’s a lot of competition in the practice-management market. The couple had at least one false start and was never able to develop the customer base they’d hoped. I think they decided that, rather than keep pouring money into it, they’d focus on the products they already had, Time Matters and PCLaw.

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  • Gary Singer

    A couple of years ago, I switched away from Lexis after a problem with their customer service, or lack thereof. Definitely, the right move. Switching PM software is difficult, expensive, and, not to be hyperbolic, traumatic. It is simply unacceptable for any company to do this, and to do it in such a relatively short time frame. This is a major concern with web-based solutions. This news re-confirms my decision not do do business with Lexis for anything – they obviously have no commitment to their customers.