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There is news today about the new “.law” generic top-level domain. At Legaltech West Coast, Minds + Machines — the company with the exclusive license to operate the .law gTLD — made two announcements: It has formed a strategic partnership with ALM Media to collaborate on advertising and marketing for the .law domain. In connection […]

Among the Am Law 200 law firms, 163, or 82 percent, now have blogs. And it is not just one blog. All but 27 of them have multiple blogs and one firm, Fox Rothschild, has 39. These are among the findings of the 2015 Am Law 200 Blog Benchmark Report, a report on large law firm […]

The legal research service Fastcase is today unveiling a complete overhaul of its platform, its first entirely new version since 2003. The new version, called Fastcase 7, promises greater speed, expanded search, more intuitive functionality, and a more readable interface. “We want to balance having powerful tools that give power users a lot of options […]

A Florida lawyer has lost her bid in a defamation action to force the legal directory site Avvo to reveal the identify of an anonymous poster who wrote a negative review of her. The Washington state Court of Appeals ruled against the lawyer, Deborah Thomson of The Women’s Law Group, Tampa, after determining that the […]

Sometimes, algorithms work better when they’re combined with a human touch. That is the idea behind Priori Legal, a “curated marketplace” that strives to connect business owners with vetted lawyers at transparent prices. Founded by two Yale Law graduates, Priori screens every lawyer it admits to its roster and requires the lawyers to maintain a […]

Sometimes in legal technology, when it rains, it pours. In April, I wrote here about Rocket Matter Intake, the new service from Rocket Matter that allows law firms to post client-intake forms on their websites that integrate directly with its practice management platform. A few weeks later, I wrote here about Lexicata, another client-intake system […]

The New York Times today has a fascinating article documenting The Roberts Court’s Surprising Move Leftward. Reporters Alicia Parlapiano, Adam Liptak and Jeremy Bowers analyze the court’s decisions from 1946 to the present to conclude that this term could be among the court’s most liberal since 1969. The court’s leftward movement is modest, and it remains […]

At its worldwide Vantage 2015 user conference last week in Las Vegas, Thomson Reuters Elite announced an anticipated 2017 move to the cloud for its flagship product, Elite 3E, and a new emphasis on building a “customer-centric” organization. Elite is a suite of “enterprise business management” products for law firms and other professional services firms […]

The legal research site Casetext is launching something today that could be a game-changer in how lawyers publish and share articles about the law. It is called LegalPad and the Casetext folks compare it to LinkedIn’s publishing platform or to the Medium publishing platform, but for people who write about the law online. LegalPad is an […]

The company eBrevia is today launching a new product, eBrevia Bespoke, that extends its contract review and analytics technology to a much-wider range of custom applications for specific types of contracts and industries. eBrevia’s flagship product, Diligence Accelerator, uses artificial intelligence to automate the due-diligence contract review process in mergers and acquisitions. Based on machine-learning […]

The cloud-based document management service NetDocuments today announced the roll-out of an enhanced security architecture with stronger encryption technology and new capabilities for users to manage their own encryption keys. The new security architecture includes up to three separate encryption keys for each data file and allows firms and corporations that use NetDocuments to hold […]