Legal Tech Startups

This is an attempt to create and maintain an accurate list of legal technology startups. For more information about why I created this list, see this blog post. To notify me of additions or changes, send me an email at

1LawArtificial intelligence for legal websitesUSActive
ArbiClaimsResolve small claims disputes online. Without having to go to court.USActive
BarProseInstantly analyzes a student’s bar essay writing and tells him or her what areas need improvement.USActive
BrightflagNext generation legal spend analytics.Active
BusyLampBusyLamp is a leading international provider of web-based enterprise legal management solutions. It helps legal departments to save time, significantly reduce overhead and collaborate more effectively with inside and outside counsel by automating and improving their legal matter and spend management.Germany (with offices in NYC and London)Active
CaseloopFree nationwide lawyer-to-lawyer directory matched with referral tracking software.USActive
Case PacerLegal case management software for law firms.USActive
CASEpeerInnovative personal injury case management software designed to grow your business.USActive
CavoryCloud Based Legal Practice Management Software built for your Modern Law Firm.USActive
ClariLegalTrusted e-discovery marketplace.USActive
ClauseAutomated and data-integrated legal contracts.USActive
Clausehound Inc.Faster smarter legal drafting.CanadaActive
ClearView SocialThe easiest way to get your team sharing onlineUSActive
ContractRoomNegotiate less. Agree more.USActive
Conveyancing SupermarketWe offer our conveyancing comparison engine to estate agents and mortgage advisers as a whitelabel solution. We also welcome solicitors to join our panel and benefit from referrals.UKActive
CounselyticsCognitive augmentation to tackle the entire contractual genomeUSActive
Crowd & Co. Connecting you to the legal crowd.AustraliaActive
DataNovoDataNovo Offers Keyword-Free Prior Art Search, Product Assessment on Infringement, and Legal Analytics on Every U.S. Patent.USActive
docassembleA free, open-source expert system for legal services and others to use to create guided interviews and document assembly.USActive
DocuCollabA modern document collaboration platform that simplifies your life, helps your team finish documents faster and saves thousands of hours.USActive
DoxlyDoxly transforms the client and law firm’s experience by bringing efficiency, transparency, and order to the legal transaction process. Doxly shifts transaction management from a cost center to a profit center.USActive
Dragon LawLegal services powered by technology.Hong Kong
eBreviaIntelligent contract analytics.
EverlawWe do e-discovery document review, but also go further than that into case mapping (outlines and chronologies), so that review docs are actionable.
FormSwiftFormSwift is a tool to help you quickly and easily create, edit, sign, and collaborate on documents and forms. Members can choose from our library of more than 500 documents and forms or upload their own documents and use FormSwift's tools to edit them.US
ZygosCloud-based legal practice management software.CyprusActive
Docket NavigatorDocket Navigator reads every patent infringement docket sheet in the district courts and the ITC every day and summarizes the milestones in the Docket Report.
iDiscloseiDisclose is an adaptive web-based application that helps entrepreneurs prepare institutional grade disclosure documents for crowdfunding and private placements at a fraction of the time and cost.
JuritoolJuritool is a new legal analysis and knowledge compilation platform. Juritool enables lawyers to accurately find, structure and organize legal knowledge. Juritool is a paradigm shift in lawyering. It contains powerful functionalities such as automatic processing of legal documents, interactive legal diagrams, holistic information search and Case DNA.BelgiumActive
KinsoFamily law made easier.Canada
LawcadiaLawcadia provides web-based procurement tools to help companies manage their outsourced legal work.AustraliaActive
Law for MeTrying to make law more accessible.India
LawGeexCheck Your Contract Online
LexPredictEmpowering the future of legal decision-making.
MerusCaseLife is complicated. Managing your law firm shouldn't be. Welcome to Merus: legal practice management that works just as hard as you do.US
MetaJureAutomated document & email management developed by lawyers for law firms & departments.
NextChapterBankruptcy software for the modern attorney.USActive
NotarizeThe online notary service that's valid in all 50 states.USActive
Planet X LawPlanet X Law is a secure, cloud-based solution that helps attorneys automate client intake and generates Michigan legal docs, court filings, and how-to guides
Planning BloxProfessional Services Management Platform, including legal project management, matter pricing, resource management and client/lawyer dashboards, for both law firms and corporate law departments.US
PraktioPractical, interactive contracts training online.
PremonitionPremonition is an Artificial Intelligence system that mines Big Data to find out which Attorneys usually win before which Judges. It is a very, very unfair advantage in Litigation.USActive
Quegal.comWe intend to crowdfund the world's first live online pay-as-you-go legal advice service.
Separate.usDivorce is hard. We simplify it.
Ontario Small Claims WizardSmall Claims Made Easy: We guide you through the Ontario Small Claims Court process step by step.Canada
Sofos LabsSofos Labs is developing the next generation platform to help practicing attorneys gain legal know-how in the most efficient way: by matching them with top legal professionals who can train and mentor them one-on-one and in a live, virtual setting.US
TechlinkTECHLINK, through patent agents, will provide their clients with streams of patent information customized to their specific interests and knowledge of these interests will help direct intellectual property opportunities to enterprises well-suited to successful commercialization.Canada
DeftrNamed for the dynamic tax ledger used by the Ottoman Empire, Deftr helps legal and professional service firms focus on high-level, strategic work by leveraging artificial intelligence to automate manual work. From tax law and IRS guidance to corporate structuring and financial regulations, we enable users to navigate legal complexity and understand its practical consequences intuitively, simply, and cheaply.USActive
TimegliderWeb-based timeline software.
TrialDroneSocial media intelligence for trial lawyers.CanadaActive
123Recht.netOnline platform with legal guidelines and the possibility to rate lawyersGermany
AdaptiBarOnline bar exam simulator and prep.
AdviceSceneReal answers from real legal experts.US and CanadaActive
AgileLawElectronic Exhibit Management for Busy Litigators: Review, annotate, and share document exhibits from anywhere.USActive
AlgoValueOnline business valuation platform.Active
Arbitrator IntelligenceArbitrator Intelligence aims to promote transparency, fairness, and accountability in the selection of international arbitrators by increasing and equalizing access to critical information about arbitrators and their decision making.USActive
AttornedA website that services both clients and lawyers: clients will post their issues online, where the lawyers can bid for it; lawyers also have the option of posting work that can be bid on by other lawyers.Canada
AxiomForget everything you thought you knew about legal services.
BestlawA free app to add the features Westlaw and Lexis forgot
blueJlegalA new generation tax research tool for tax professionals.
BlueStylusTime and billing and document management for small firms.  Optional automated Pacer downloads, right into your case files.USActive
EasyBOARather than spending hours making a Book of Authorities (BOA) manually, EasyBOA can automatically create a BOA in minutes.Canada
CaseFoxProvides  a cloud based multi-user Legal billing and case management software.USActive
CasetextLegal research.
ChartaCourseThe casebook replacement.
ClaimCastThe simple claiming app.Canada
CLAWSOur goal with CLAWS is to provide you with a high quality research tool. CLAWS' search technology improves the accuracy and speed at which you can find relevant case law.UK
ClearLegalTransform your law practice into web services.
ClocktimizerClocktimizer helps law firms to unlock the full value of their timetracking data including the narratives.Netherlands
CO/COUNSELMaking the law accessible through crowdsourced legal maps.
Codify Legal PublishingCodify Legal Publishing is transforming the way businesses, law firms, and regulators approach law. Our team of legal and technical experts specialize in the automation of legal tasks, making legal data digitized and intelligent, and services simple and cheap. With automation we streamline processes down from months or weeks to hours or seconds!CanadaActive
Cognitive Legal SupportSupporting and facilitating the business of law practice through temporary legal staffing.USActive
ConcordThe All-In-One Contract Platform.
ContractWorksThe easiest, most secure contract management software.USActive
Courtroom InsightCourtroom Insight is committed to improving communications about and between litigation professionals. Our knowledge management platform significantly improves upon the archaic system of sending email requests for information. We seek to expand our unique content and services within the legal industry to become the premier destination for information about litigation service providers.USActive
DISCOE-discovery review platform
CuroLegalCuro is a next-generation legal technology consulting and software development firm.USActive
DiligenWe fuse artificial intelligence with project management capability for faster, better legal due diligence.Canada
Docket TechA legal documentation start-up which helps in getting all legal documentation from registration to attestation to notary in your home -- you just have to book your documentation online.India
DocurateAn efficient way of preparing, signing and storing your legal documents.
esquifyEsquify revolutionizes document review.
FirmzenPractice management
Foundation Software GroupFoundation Software Group is a developer of next-generation software for large law firms. The company is led by an accomplished team of professionals who have a proven track record of success in law firm application development. The company’s flagship offering is Foundation Experience Management, an enterprise software platform that helps firms leverage their collective work experience and the expertise of its lawyers.USActive
Homebuyer ConveyancingHomebuyers and Investors selling, buying, remortgaging UK property can in just one search find a competitive conveyancer online to manage their property legals. We open the door to a true comparison service. Filter results by price, location and by Mortgage Lender.UKActive
IntelligizeIntelligize enables professionals to better answer complex business questions.
IPStreetSemantic patent search, claim text analytics, automated due diligence, and clean patent data all available at an API endpoint.USActive
PaladinPaladin delivers personalized, vetted pro bono opportunities to high quality attorneys, connecting them to their community, current events, and causes they care about.
JurbidThe right way to find a lawyer.
Juris LoopLawyers and patented technology combine to give fast, clear and accurate guidance in a natural language environment. LOOP is a mobile solution available anywhere and at any time to provide instant help needed to: address a legal dilemma, learn what steps to follow, or chat with licensed attorneys on demand.USActive
JusticeTransJusticeTrans’ mission is to increase access to justice for the transgender community across Canada.Canada
Law Plain and SimpleWe're on a mission to make law as plain and simple as possible.UKActive
LawRevuA suite of project management and collaboration tools for e-discovery and attorney review.US
LawStudioYour all-in-one workspace for litigation.
LawTakeAffordable, entertaining and effective legal information.US
LawToonsUsing cartoons to teach kids about law.India
LawyerTimeLawyerTime is the web based billing and timekeeping software for the legal profession.UKActive
LegalClickLegalClick is a SaaS Platform for lawyers to sell their legal services direct to clients with our document assembly shopping cart in our app or online.
Legal Document ServerLegal Document Server (LDS) is an online case management and electronic service provider. Managing and serving legal documents during litigation could not be easier through our innovative, yet user-friendly web-based platform.  Streamline your cases by managing and serving your documents online.USActive
Legalese 2.0Smart contract templates.
Legally Inc.Legally Inc. has its eyes set on launching its first product that tackles issues surrounding access to justice; that is Take Charge. Take Charge is to be a chatbot that helps to fight your traffic ticket. Walking you through the process of getting a court date and getting ready for court.CanadaActive
Legally LawyersBook appointments with local lawyers.
Legal PublishLegal Publish is a cloud-based marketing platform dedicated to helping law firms execute their digital strategies.USActive
LexblogBetter publishing for lawyers.
LitagilityLitagility’s BridgeIP and BridgeIndex applications are a combination of productivity, analysis and management tools designed specifically for patent litigation. The applications serve as a centralized and secure mechanism that captures the litigation team’s analysis, strategy and key work product.USActive
LitagilityLitagility’s BridgeIP™ and BridgeIndex™ applications are a combination of productivity, analysis and management tools designed specifically for patent litigation. The applications serve as a centralized and secure mechanism that captures the litigation team’s analysis, strategy and key work product and provides up-to-date financial reporting for both in-house and outside counsel.US
LitIQPrecision in drafting.
Loom AnalyticsA web-based legal analytics tool that helps lawyers and self-represented litigants identify trends in historical Canadian legal data.
MapYourPropertyAn all-in-one platform for the planning and real estate community covering Toronto and the Region of YorkCanada
MatterMojoClient and Matter Management
MyCaseMyCase is an easy-to-use practice management software that helps you manage cases, track time, billing and communicate with your clients.
My Court CaseCriminal court shouldn’t be confusing. We’ve analyzed hundreds of thousands of cases like yours so that you can find out what happened in those cases and use that information to your advantage.
myediscoveryprovider.comFinding your local e-discovery provider made easy.
Name WardenTrademark docketing and defenseUSActive
Neota LogicGlobal provider of an innovative expert system software platform that allows for the rapid building & deployment by non-programmers of rules-based applications.
NexLPE-discovery: Pattern recognition in big data.US
Opening.coUsing facial recognition to gauge emotional sentiment.
PracticePantherPractice management for lawyers.
ProcertasTechnology training and benchmarking done right.
QuaeroLexStreamline your research and writing efforts through the use of the multitude of unique functions provided by QuaeroLex Desktop Organizer ('QDO') - an innovative and unparalleled research management and analysis system.USActive
ReplyToSomeOur flagship product is a Microsoft Outlook Add-In called ReplyToSome, which is designed to prevent lawyers and other professionals from accidentally emailing the wrong people.USActive
ROSS IntelligenceYour brand new super intelligent attorney.
RulyLegal help. Anytime. Anywhere.India
ShakeCreate, sign and send legally binding agreements in seconds.
SmartLegalFormsLegal forms for everyday needs.
StandInStandIn is a location-based app that matches lawyers with other lawyers, agents and legal professionals for court appearances.
SynergistOnline negotiation
SyngrafiiSyngrafii provides the proprietary option of executing original biometric ink signatures onto hard copy or electronic documents when and where you want. CanadaActive
WordrakeEdit for clarity in Microsoft Word and Outlook.USActive
XakiaCorporate legal department matter managementAustraliaActive
ZumeFormsCollect data and create documents online.Australia
yurJURYyurJURY provides confidence to litigators and satisfaction to their clients.
AmiqusWe're building tools to give everyone an affordable alternative to court.
ArxLawA cloud based platform, designed with and for law firms that handle medical-legal cases, to manage their clients' medical records, including full imaging capabilities. Sharing is seamless and instant, with the click of a button, with expert witnesses, collaborators, etc.US
Bitproof.ioNotarize your documents now.
BookLawyerTexas legal research, and Form Builder for pleading, motion, and discovery practice.
CaseHubFight bad guys online.
CicaydaE-discovery in the cloud.
CognateThe common law trademark registry.
Contract CatchContract Catch allows you to upload a draft contract of your choice and of almost any length. The Catcher will apply hundreds of proprietary rules to your document and will flag possible errors along with inconsistencies and troublesome language—everything from issues with defined terms to the questionable drafting of rights and obligations. In some cases, Contract Catch will even suggest alternative language or avenues of research.US
eDepozeFounded by a AMLaw 100 litigator and an eDiscovery veteran, eDepoze was founded in 2012 to take the paper out of depositions. Today, Lexcity by eDepoze is a single platform used to conduct all post-eDiscovery litigation events without paper, including witness prep, depositions, hearings, trial, mediations and arbitration.USActive
GustTake control of your cap table.
estateGuruSmart estate planning made simple.US
FoxwordyThe cloud collaboration platform for the modern lawyer, connecting lawyers everywhere to work together and get more done.
Free Law Project
Get20On-demand attorneys for startups and small businessesUSActive
GetLegalCounselFlat-fee legal products delivered by real, licensed attorneys.
GoldFynchGoldFynch is a powerful, easy-to-use, and incredibly affordable e-discovery platform for lawyers. It only takes a minute to sign up (for free) and cases start as low as $15 per month. GoldFynch is simple and intuitive: Just drag-and-drop files into the GoldFynch browser to start searching, tagging and producing documents. Your files are secured on our Cloud, with bank-grade encryption, so you don’t need to install software. Pricing is transparent (no hidden fees or locked features), fixed, up-front, and 1/10th that of the industry standard. GoldFynch is hassle-free e-discovery review, for less.
Hire an EsquireA data-driven matching engine that connects law firms and legal departments with a flexible workforce.
PeterMeet Peter, your AI-based business lawyer
jEugeneIntelligent tools that work in partnership with lawyers.
JurilyticsJurilytics uses technology to provide litigators with access to peer reviewed science – to help them have the best science on their side, rather than simply having an in-court “battle of the expert witnesses” that might not in the end produce the scientifically-appropriate result.USActive
LawKickFind the right lawyer, at the right price.
LawPathWe've made legal easy for 20,000 Australian businesses.Australia
LawTapLawTap is an online legal booking engine and lawyer directory that connects clients with lawyers, making it easy to find a lawyer and book online instantly to get legal advice anywhere, any time.AustraliaActive
LawTradesA marketplace for businesses in need of specific legal projects performed by vetted, freelance-attorneys at guaranteed fixed prices.USActive
LegalbaseOnline legal advise and services from lawyers for a fixed priceGermany
Legalesign.comProvider of Electronic Signatures for BusinessUS and UKActive
Levertondevelops and applies disruptive deep learning / machine learning technology to extract and manage data from documents in more than 20 languagesGermany
MightyMighty connects plaintiffs awaiting a fair legal settlement with the financing they need to continue living their lives.
Paper SoftwarePaper Software is the developer of Turner for Mac and Contract Tools for Windows PCs, both powerful tools for creating and analyzing contracts.USActive
Parley ProNegotiate better contracts fasterUSActive
PekamaWe make it easy to manage legal work.
PUSHLegalFind statutes and case law on your iPhone/iPad, Android, or browser.
Route1An online marketplace connecting lawyers and legal employersUKActive
SmartContractExternal Data for your Smart Contracts
Stampery21st Century notarization using Blockchain
Summary JudgmentSummary Judgment® is a case and practice management system designed by a working lawyer for working lawyers.USActive
UniCourtUniCourt is a nationwide case research, tracking, management, and analytics platform that integrates court data from federal (PACER) and state courts into a single, cloud based platform thereby reducing costs and increasing efficiency. UniCourt leverages big data methodologies to acquire, analyze, and correlate disparate legal data making it more widely accessible, manageable, and insightful.US
ValcuStartup incorporation and corporate management made simple.
Access Family LawA different way to divorce.
AdvocadoOnline service to match client and lawyerGermany
Alt LegalAlt Legal makes your IP practice more productive.
ApexCLEOnline continuing legal education (CLE) available on all mobile devices.
Authentic8 SiloProtect against all web-borne threats with the most secure browser available.USActive
Betterbail.orgStreamling the process of making bail.USActive
CaseEdgeMore than just law practice management, your entire firm can access legal research, e-Signature, expert witness profiles and build a pleadings library. CaseEdge helps you build your virtual law office.USActive
CaseFleetLaw practice management.USActive
Citasca, LLCBuy and sell citations for points of Minnesota law
ClearstoneIPPatent analysis reinvented.
CounselHQSteamline contract drafting and review.US
CourtBuddyLegal. For everyone. A-la-carte legal services at flat rates based on your budget.
CrowdJusticeLet's make justice accessible.UK
EverchronEverchron provides a collaborative litigation management platform for legal teams to discuss, exchange, analyze and act on key documents, facts, witnesses and information across all their matters.USActive
EverplansStore and Share Everything Important
FairSplitDividing assets in death, downsizing or divorce is stressful, time consuming and often emotionally destructive – We want to help divide things, not families.USActive
FairSplitDividing assets in death, downsizing or divorce is stressful, time consuming and often emotionally destructive; we want to help “Divide Things, Not Families”.USActive
FixedFix traffic violationsUS
flightrightOnline enforcement of claims against airlines regarding delaysGermanyActive
FactBoxTelling Stories from Voluminous and Complicated DataActive
ClientSideDocument and signature automation for law firms.US
HotshotModern learning for legal.USActive
IntelllexA new way to practice.
JuratoOnline legal adviceGermany
Kabuk LawYour number one source for finding legal professionals.Canada
Knowledge Toolsdocument assembly and managementGermany
LawboothLawbooth enables clients to find attorneys and book a free initial consultation in under 60 seconds. Choose to meet in person, over the phone, or via Lawbooth's secure video conferencing.USActive
LawDingoGet the lawyer you need to represent or work for you. Or get live advice for $100.
LawHawkLawHawk provides automated legal document templates to lawyers, helping them to deliver law@speed.  As well as its own library of automated documents, LawHawk can automate a lawyer’s own precedents.  LawHawk is powered by HotDocs cloud services.New ZealandActive
LawlineImproved CLE for all.
Law ScoutFixed fee legal services for small businessesCanada streamlines supply-demand matching for innovative firms and organizations.
Legal HeroExperienced attorneys for your business at clear, upfront prices.
LegalLogsClient driven case-preparation app for desktop and mobile.
Legal RobotArtificial intelligence for legal documents
LegalYouLegalYou is a revolutionary, online legal portal that is going to make the law accessible, affordable and, dare we say, fun for absolutely anyone.US
LeGuardAn industry-changing technology that gives corporate legal departments LIVE visibility into outside counsel activities before they are initiated and into spend and activity as it accrues. LeGuard also provides law firms with LIVE updates of activities, spend, and budget, that enable them to maximize their team’s utilization, reduce write-offs and non-billable hours, be up to the minute on revenue and budgets, and strengthen their client relationships through greater transparency and communication.USActive
LexooIf you are looking for a UK lawyer for your business, you can use Lexoo to get multiple quotes from specialised lawyers, all hand-picked by us. We do the vetting for you so you will only receive quotes from lawyers that are right for your job.UKActive
MyLegalWhizLegal intelligence. On demand.
NoticeConnectNoticeConnect is a platform for individuals and businesses to post legal notices online.CanadaActive
One Day DecisionsThe fastest way to settle without court, collections or credit damage.
PactSafeClickwraps and eSignatures in one seamless contracting platform.
Page VaultEasily capture and print webpages in a way that is forensically defensible.US
PrimaFacieImmigration case management with a full array of autofilling forms.USActive
Priori Legal
RamenDocs is a tool to help lawyers and judges find criminal sentencing ranges in seconds instead of hours.CanadaActive
Road to StatusImmigration paperwork made easy, safe and affordable.US
RSVPlawFind legal information easier.
DavidDavid is a San Francisco-based software startup that combines technology and legal research to help customers resolve disputes with their cable, internet, or wireless service provider.U.S.Active
Should I SignAn online legal marketplace helping individuals and businesses connect with pre-vetted attorneys.  Our mission is two-fold: (I) help clients obtain services in a transparent environment, and (II) utilize technology to make it easier for attorneys to find new clients without significant cost as well as reducing associated administrative burden.U.S.Active
Smartlawlegal document generator for private citizens, landlords and companiesGermany
specfile.plDocument encryption and sharing.Poland Essential platform in Poland for every qualified lawyer who is looking for a client. We built first Eshops for lawyer.Poland
The Law SuperstoreWe make it easier for everyone to find the right legal services.UK
Time59The #1 web-based billing software for solo and small law firms.U.S.Active
TM TKOTrademark search analysis. Instantly.
TrademarkNowThe World's Most Advanced Trademark Technology; Trademark Search, Risk Analysis & Watch - powered by ArtificialIntelligenceUS
Trending LawTrending Law analyzes client alerts to discover new and popular topics among big law firms.USActive
TrustBooksTrust Accounting, Simplified.
TrusteSolutionsBankruptcy case management system for trustees.U.S.Active
TypelawTypeLaw instantly updates your citations, builds your tables, and formats your brief.
UpCounselHire a Great Lawyer for Your Business
VizLegalWe're building the ultimate tool for legal research.
ZeekBeek.comA find-a-lawyer service that partners with state bar associations.
Zola SuiteLaw practice management.USActive
Access SolicitorLawyer comparison website, and lead generator for lawyersUKActive
After I Go
AI Patents
Align Matters
Allegory LawCollaborative litigation management software that automates everyday tasks and connects case documents to build the story. USActive
Aluvion Law
Ariel Ventures
Autriv Software Development
BackSheet (8753571 Canada Inc.)
BeagleArtificial intelligence for contract analysisCanada?
BeeLine Reader
BizAbroad Xpress
BK Advisory
Block Notary
Blue J LegalBlue J allows you to simulate the judgment of a court in a new situation. Using advances in artificial intelligence and extensive training by computer scientists and law professors from the University of Toronto, Blue J helps you to navigate uncertainty when there are competing reasonable arguments. CanadaActive
Blue Pier Administration Corp.
Bridge US
BriefMineA database of legal briefs.USClosed
CapMail Tech
CaseGlideTransforming litigation into a profitable engine for business intelligence, industry analytics, and operational efficiencies.USActive
CaseRailsCaseRails was an enterprise software startup focused on improving the legal document workflow.USClosed (See: Failing Gracefully: The CaseRails Journey)
Chennai · Document Management
Clearpath Immigration
Closing Folders Inc.
Collin's Custom IP
ComputerLaw Group
Contract Cloud
coparentlyscheduling, communication & expenses tool for divorced or seperated families
Corporate + Startup Law
CosmoLexCloud practice management softwareUSActive
CourtReaderCourtReader enables lawyers in Israel to open digitally-signed e-mails from the court system on their smartphone.IsraelActive
Credit Swarm
CS DiscoE-discovery platform.USActive
Devlos Software
Directive Communication Systems
DivorceifyWe are building a curated online marketplace for divorce services.
Shop on your own or use our concierge service to customize a plan for you.
DocEx Legal
Docket Alarm
Effective decision
Estellion Incorporations
Everything Legal
Fair Document
Forced Labour Abolition Group (FLAG)
Gadfly Legal Technologies
General Standards Startup Lawyers
Global-Regulation Inc
Great Justice Systems Inc.
Helm Social Design Studio
Indexed IO
Innove Law
Jury Box
Justice Bid
Killer Kontracts
Kira Systems
Launch Innovative Design & Development
Law Mixer
Law Ruler
LawcusLegal case management platformActive
LawPivotAcquired by Rocket Lawyer in 2012.
LawyerMatchFixing the legal matchmaking industry.
Legal Diction
Legal Equalizer
Legal Flow
Legal Interactive Services
Legal Linkup
Legal Passage
Legal River
Legal services marketplace
Legal Space
Legal Talk Network
LegalshineNow Brightflag?
Lemontech - Thetimebilling
Lex Machina
Lig Technologies
Lit Software LLC
Litem Analytics
Litigation software analytics and automation platform
Litigator Technology
Locum Legalis
LogikcullAutomate Discovery and Data Management with Cloud-Based Legal IntelligenceUSActive
Maatram Technologies
metricson Inc.
ModriaFast and fair resolution for commerceUSActive
NetPleadings Inc
New Media Legal Publishing
NovoLaw Inc.
Office Network Online
Omni Legal Group
Ontario Small Claims Wizard
Our Deal
Owl Docs
Pacer Automated Solutions
Pickle Legal
Picture It Settled
Planned Departure
Precept Law
Ratchet Technology
RecordLogixSaaS and Cloud Solutions for the Legal VerticalClosed
Reorg Research
Restructuring Concepts
Resumé Launchpad
Rocket Matter
Rocky Mountain Patent
Run the Call
Sarvaha Systems
Securities Compliance Group
Servo Annex
ShoobxShoobx is the one place where entrepreneurs, lawyers, investors, and board members can come together to generate, review, approve, and execute company documents. USActive
Sky Analytics
SmartRMControl who uses your files, and how.USClosed
Speedy Counsel
Square for contracts
Stansbury Weaver
Startup Documents
Stealth Mode Real Estate Startup
Streamlined Record Retrieval
Studio Esquire
Support Information Exchange Inc. ("SIX")
Task Central
Teen Legal Helpline
TEIL Firms
Tempus Fugit Law
Tenor Capital
TerminisOnline manager for legal texts
The Entrepreneur's Accelerator
The Sync Spot
TitanFileSecure enterprise file sharingCanadaActive
Top Class Actions
True Office
Tunnel XSecure, private conversationUSActive
Umark Inc.
Upstream Analytics
US Legal PRO
VaultSwapVaultSwap is the legal tool for efficient discovery exchange.USClosed
Venture Intelligence
Vigilant Compliance Simplified, Inc.
Virtual Law Direct
Virtual Viewbox
Virtual Writing Lab
VoiceScript Technologies
Wilhelmina Technologies Ltd.
Witnex.comFind and collaborate with top-tier expert witnesses instantlyUSActive
X2X Community
Zero-Friction Seed Rounds
ZipCourtOnline courtroom serviceUSClosed
LegalVisionLegalVision is a rapidly expanding law tech startup in Australia, providing fast and affordable legal services to clients all over the nation. Through our online platform we offer specialist advice on employment, trademarks, business structuring and franchising. AustraliaActive
Aggregate LawAggregate Law quickly and efficiently connects skilled project attorneys to legal work.USActive
Firma.deWhile using our company founding service our customers are provided with legal consulting by an attorney. Furthermore we provide a free partner database of lawyers in the whole of Germany including a search for specialization. Our latest product is going to launch very soon. It is a contract generator which provides automatically generated and legally binding statutes for founding a GmbH, UG etc. and other forms of contracts as well.GermanyActive
PingPing is automated timekeeping for lawyers that will automatically track, categorize and describe all of a lawyer’s billable actions.USActive
ScrollWe license a publishing platform for the legal industry that allows a marketing director to organize individual blog sites and post those blog posts out to the entire firm's social media contacts. USActive
PracticeProPracticePro is a San Francisco-based legal education startup. Through training, coaching, and technology, it strives to change the way new lawyers learn to practice law and make their transition to practice easier. USActive
HeadnoteBuilding The Case For Streamlined Payments, Engagement & Case CollaborationUSActive
Seal SoftwareSeal Software uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to help companies efficiently uncover what’s in their contracts,
CrusoeCrusoe is a note-taking Evernote app for researchers, writers, students, professionals, and thoughtful readers that not only lets you create two-way links between notes, but actually lets you navigate your notes along these connection-pathways.  In Crusoe, you can never lose your train of thought because that’s exactly what Crusoe saves.USActive
Dragon LawCloud software for legal and business documents, enabling fast production of custom documentationHong KongActive
LegablyAttorneys use Legably to find flexible employment, project-by-project and client-by-client.USActive
LexikinYour assets, securely recorded. Keep track of everything important throughout your life and ensure those precious things are left to the people who matter. UKActive The single credible source for communities, corporate and government legal departments  to locate diverse lawyers.USActive
Statera LegalProvides virtual legal support services to law firms and legal practitioners in New Zealand. New ZealandActive
Justice ToolboxWebsite uses data mined from official state court records to compute and display how many cases a lawyer has won and lost and the lawyer’s approximate win rateUSActive
ReplyToSomeA Microsoft Outlook Add-In designed to prevent lawyers and other professionals from accidentally emailing the wrong people.USActive
Patent Action ForecastCompletely understand your patent dispute before you pay a settlement, hire an expensive lawyer or compromise your case.USActive
LawTovaHire freelance legal professionals and also use its platform to manage cases.USActive
MeilleursHonoraires.comA web platform that allows any user (natural or legal person) to select a lawyer through a tender procedure. The user receives, free of charge, within three days, all anonymized flat-rate offers issued by registered lawyers. FranceActive
LegalincWe completely automated and streamlined the business formation process to help save you time and money. Entity Management, Registered Agent, and Compliance all accessible through one online dashboard.USActive
JustlyStandardize legal business operations. Our analytics make legal spend more predictable and legal budgets more accurate. USActive is the easiest way for attorneys to provide virtual consultations online. Our service includes video calling, real-time document sharing and fee payment, and much more - all in a streamlined package delivered through your desktop web browser (and mobile apps coming soon).USActive
JuroTurbocharge your sales paperwork. Create, sign and track beautiful contracts in a matter of seconds.UKActive
IntraspexionIntraspexion uses a Deep Learning algorithm to act as an early warning system, alerting corporate counsel to internal litigation risks in near real time.USActive
JuriBotArtificial intelligence application to predict criminal trial outcomes. NetherlandsActive
BinaDoxBinadox helps you track and manage software license compliance and usage to avoid costly violations and optimize software costs and utilization efficiency.USActive
TagDoxTagDox makes Document Analysis easy, precise and fast by optimizing the process through cutting edge machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.UKActive