Bloomberg Law says it has today rolled out a significant expansion of its Litigation Analytics suite, now providing analytics on over 100,000 attorneys from over 775 law firms, in addition to analytics on over 7,000 law firms, 70,000 public companies, 3.5 million private companies, and all federal judges.

With the addition of this attorney data,

Felicity Conrad is on a mission to help expand pro bono legal services. The legal technology company she cofounded, Paladin, helps corporations, law firms, law schools and legal service organizations streamline their pro bono programs, with the greater goal of helping them serve more clients in need and help close the gap in access

Not all law firms are equal. In fact, some of them are drastically different from one another. As technology becomes even more pervasive in the legal industry, the industry is changing and reacting.

This week on LawNext, I step aside from hosting duties and present a special live panel discussion from UC Hastings’ legal innovation