Passports and drivers’ licenses are tried-and-true methods of authenticating the identities of people signing paper documents. Now Adobe Document Cloud is taking that concept to the cloud with the introduction of Government ID Authentication, a new feature in Adobe Sign that uses a physical ID to authenticate digital signatures.

The feature, included in the latest

Thomson Reuters, the dominant provider of research and information services for the legal profession, last week announced plans to reduce its workforce by 3,200 and close 30 percent of its offices by the end of 2020. What is going on and what does it mean for the company’s customers?

The timing of the news, announced

In major legal industry news, global law company Elevate announced its acquisition of the legal AI technology and consulting firm LexPredict. The move combines the comprehensive legal services offering of Elevate with the data science team and AI engine of LexPredict.

With the combination of Elevate’s alternative services model and LexPredict’s cutting-edge technology, does

In this special bonus episode of LawNext, listen to a panel discussion on savvy podcasting for lawyers.

Recently, at the 2018 Northeast Regional Conference of the Legal Marketing Association, I participated on a panel of legal marketing and media experts to discuss podcasting for lawyers and law firms. The panelists shared their tips and experiences

A legal analytics product being launched today by LexisNexis does something no other analytics product does: It analyzes the language of specific judges’ opinions to identify the cases and arguments each judge finds persuasive.

The new product, Context, also provides analytics on expert witnesses, and may be the most  comprehensive product available for this

I’ve written several times here about the Sony Digital Paper, a unique tablet for taking digital notes and for reading and annotating documents. I am currently evaluating the new 10-inch version of this device, and I’d previously reviewed the 13-inch version. I hope to post a review of the 10-inch version soon.

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There are some 113,000 general counsel in the United States, but a statistical analysis being released today suggests that they are surprisingly homogeneous. The typical GC is male, between 35 and 54 years old, probably attended Harvard Law, and is most likely based in California or New York. While GC compensation varies widely, the average,