The Australian legal technology company Legaler has raised $1.5 million to be used to help build a proprietary blockchain aimed at bridging the global gap in access to justice.

Legaler’s blockchain will provide the infrastructure and developer tools for legal services providers to build their own secure and scalable decentralized applications, the company says. This…

After three years of attending the Clio Cloud Conference, the jazzy, New Orleans legal tech conference hosted by leading cloud-based practice management software provider Clio, Billie Tarascio had had it. Not with the conference, but with being the only staffer from the firm she owns, Modern Law, to attend. So last year, she packed

[Editor’s note: I am serving this year on the committee that will select the winner for the fourth annual Monica Bay STEM Leadership Award, named in honor of my friend and former colleague Monica Bay, the longtime editor of Law Technology News. Below is the committee’s press release announcing the opening of the process