Ninety-two percent of law firms worldwide say they were completely or somewhat prepared for full-scale remote work at the pandemic’s onset, a survey released this morning finds.

Even so, most firms plan to increase their budgets for technology and process software and adopt more cloud-based technologies, the survey reports.

Published for the fourth consecutive year

For lawyers looking to build their books of business, there is gold to be found in the biographies of corporate counsel. A shared law school or employment connection from the past can mean a foot in the door today.

Lawyers’ ability to find and act on those connections just got a significant boost with today’s

In e-discovery and investigations, time is often of the essence. While artificial intelligence can reduce the overall time of a project, it can also present a speed bump at the start, in part because of the need to train the AI algorithm, and in part because the legal team may lack the AI-related knowledge or