Litigation analytics is a rapidly growing area of legal technology, promising lawyers valuable insights into courts, judges, opposing counsel and parties. But these products are not created equal. Their results can vary widely depending on the sources and quality of data they use and the types of analytics they provide.

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Few would dispute that an essential ingredient in addressing the access-to-justice crisis is technology. Technology can provide the economies of scale, efficiencies of process and tools of innovation that can enable legal services to be provided more broadly and equitably.

But what must be done for technology to improve access-to-justice? How can we best harness

Verbit, the Tel Aviv-based, AI-powered transcription platform, today said it has closed a $31 million Series B funding round led by Stripes, a leading New York-based growth equity firm.

Following an $11 million seed round in March 2018 and a $23 million Series A round in January 2019, this brings the total investment in