When a bar association ethics committee goes to the effort of issuing an opinion reminding lawyers of their duty to be competent in technology, I would normally be full of praise.

But a recent ethics opinion from Louisiana misses the mark in two significant ways, in my opinion. It takes too limited an approach to

Last year, I wrote here about legal research service Bloomberg Law’s introduction of a library of more than 30 Practical Guidance suites, collections of practice tools, checklists, timelines and annotated forms covering more than 200 topics, including GDPR, health care, cybersecurity, corporate and commercial transactions.

Today, Bloomberg Law is rolling out an expansion of those

Last week, I reported that legal tech startup Tali will be shutting down, effective June 30. Now I have another shut-down to report — SupportHound, a spousal support calculator for Oregon attorneys that used real cases to calculate how much and how long a spousal support award should be.

SupportHound was founded in 2016